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Chapter XIII

1. LIKA spake before the Rapon hosts, saying: Behold, the hosts of laborers are allotted to their places.

2. Let us go about, and examine the earth and her heavens. It is proper that my surveyors measure her land and water, together with all the living thereon and therein, and especially as to every man and woman and child, and the time of maturity unto them, and the years of the generations of men.

3. And man that is brought forth out of the earth shall be numbered; and the grade of his understanding measured; and the nature of his desires and aspirations shall be ascertained; which reports shall be copied and sent into the Orian kingdoms, for the deliberations of the Chiefs, that they may determine as to the requirements of the earth, and as to the nature in which her roadway shall be strewn with either light or darkness for the ultimate perfection of her soul harvests.

4. And the heavens of the earth shall be measured, as to the spirits of the dead; and their grades shall be made out, together with their desires and aspirations; the lengths of the times of their bondage to the earth, and the places of their habitation, and the nature of their supplies. And a copy of such record shall be made and also sent to the Orian Chiefs for their deliberations.

5. And the plateaux of the earth's heavens shall also be numbered and measured, and their localities mapped out and recorded, and copies thereof also sent to the Orian Chiefs, that they may determine as to necessary changes therein and thereof.

6. During which time of my absence from Theovrahkistan, I appoint Havralogissasa as vice-Goddess in my place. How sayest thou, Havralogissasa? She said: Jehovih's will and thine be done. I am rejoiced.

7. Lika then called Havralogissasa to the throne, and commissioned her vice-Goddess of Theovrahkistan. And after this Lika gave instructions as to extending the capital, Yogannaqactra, and enlarging the places for reception of the higher grades; all of which were p. 487a duly provided with the persons to carry out the commands.

8. And now Lika spake to Ahura, saying: Behold, thou shalt return to thy kingdom, Vara-pishanaha, for when I come thither on my journey, I will resurrect thy hosts as Brides and Bridegrooms to the etherean kingdoms. Thy labor is well done; thy glory is the glory of thousands of millions! May the love, wisdom and power of Jehovih be with thee, now and forever!

9. Thereupon Ahura saluted, and was in turn saluted, when he advanced and met the marshals, who conducted him hence, to the arrow-ship, where he embarked and departed.

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