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Chapter XII

1. THE Rapon hosts desired to see Ahura, and so Lika sent an arrow-ship, with one hundred thousand angels, properly officered, to Vara-pishanaha, to Ahura, praying him to come on a visit for ten days, bringing his ten thousand attendants with him.

2. And it thus came to pass that Ahura came to Theovrahkistan, where he was most honorably received and saluted under the Sign MORNING OF JEHOVIH'S LIGHT, and he in turn answered in the Sign MY WORDS SHALL SERVE HIS SONS AND DAUGHTERS!

3. Accordingly, Lika came down from the throne and greeted Ahura, saying to him: Come thou, then, and stand in the midst of the throne, that thy voice may delight the Holy Council.

4. So Ahura ascended the throne, along with Lika, and when the latter sat down, then Ahura walked to the midst and saluted the Holy Council with the Sign FIRE AND WATER, and he spake, saying:

5. Because Thou, O Jehovih, hast called me in the Sign of the MORNING OF THY LIGHT, behold, I am risen up before Thee, to speak to Thy Sons and Daughters.

6. But how shall I clear myself, O Father! I am as one who had a hidden skeleton, and the place of concealment broken down. Because I was by Thee created alive in the world, why should I not have forever glorified Thee? p. 481a This have I asked myself all the days of my life; but Thou troublest not to answer me in my curiosity.

7. When I was young in life, lo, I cried out unto Thee, complaining because Thou madest me not wise. I said: Behold, Thou createdst all the animals on the face of the earth to know more than I in the day of birth. Yea, I knew not where to find suck, nor could I raise up on my feet, but laid as I was laid down by my nurse.

8. Even to the lambs and the calves and the young colts, Thou gavest greater wisdom and strength than Thou gavest Thy servant. I said: Why, then, shall I glorify Thee or sing songs in Thy praise? Why shall I pray unto Thee; Thy ways are unalterable and Thy Voice answereth me not.

9. Thou art void as the wind; Thou art neither Person, nor Wisdom, nor Ignorance. And as for Thy servants, who say they hear Thy Voice, behold, they are mad! I said: How can a man hear Thee? It is the reflection of himself he heareth. How can a man see Thee? It is the reflection of himself he seeth.

10. And Thou sufferedst me to become strong, as to strength, and wise as to self, even as I had called unto Thee in my vanity. Yea, I prided myself in myself; and as to Thee, I sought to disprove Thee on all hands. And the worthlessness of prayer unto Thee I showed up as a great vanity. Yea, I craved wisdom for sake of showing Thou wert neither wise nor good. And to this end Thou also gavest unto me. And I became conceited in hiding my conceit, even from mine own understanding, that I might carry all points.

11. I pointed to the fool, saying: Behold, Jehovih's son! I pointed to the desert place, saying: Behold, Jehovih's fruitful earth! To the mountain which is rocks and barren, saying: Behold, how Jehovih hath finished His work! And of the evil man, who murdereth his brother, I said: Jehovih, good in one thing, good in all!

12. But I knew not the hand that was upon me; Thou wert answering my prayer every day. Yea, I ventured to judge Thee with my eyes, and my ears, and my own understanding. In the place I stood I judged Thee and Thy works, O Jehovih! And the craft of my speech won applause; by flattery was I puffed up. And I deemed my judgment the right one; and whoso saw not as I saw, I condemned or pitied; yea, I craved great speech that I might show them up in their folly.

p. 482a

13. And in this Thou also answeredst me by giving freely; and my words were reckoned great words and wise. And I was quoted and praised far and near. Yea, and I practiced good works that I might show unto others that, even in such like, a belief in Thee was vanity and a waste of judgment.

14. Yea, I craved means and great treasures that I might render good unto others, in order that mine own philosophy might seem the highest of the high. And even in this Thou renderedst unto me great treasures and ample means; and by my good works done unto others I was applauded as a great and good God above all others.

15. I craved a heavenly kingdom that I might prove my great wisdom and power unto thousands of millions; for I pitied them that I thought foolishly dwelt in darkness in regard to Thee. And even yet Thou, O Jehovih, didst not cut me off; but gavest me a great kingdom of seven thousand millions!

16. And I taught them my philosophy, that there was nothing above them; that Thou, O Jehovih, sawest not, heardst not, answeredst not. Yea, I made my will all-powerful that I might cut them off from Thee. But alas for me.

17. I had been as the sylph of old who stole into the musical instruments and put them out of tune. My kingdom was divided into seven thousand million philosophers, every one mad in his own conceit, and in a different way. There was no harmony amongst them. Yea, they were a kingdom of growlers and cursers! I had carried away the tuning fork, for I had cast Thee out, O Jehovih! Mine own philosophy had done it all.

18. Because I set myself up as the All Highest, thou didst indulge me; and I became the highest God of my people. Yea, they cast their plaudits on me at first, but afterward all their ills and their curses. Neither could I satisfy them in anything in heaven or earth; nor could I turn them off from me, for I had bound them unto me by my great promises.

19. I became as one in a cloud, because of the great trouble upon me and the fear withal. And yet Thou, O Jehovih, didst not forget me; but sent Thy Gods' words unto me, imploring me what to do, that I might be delivered in season. But how could I hear thee, O Jehovih, or hearken unto Thy Gods? Behold, my pride had swallowed me up, I was encompassed on every side. Because I had denied Thee before I must deny Thee still.

p. 483a

20. Then greater darkness came upon me; Thy light was obstructed by the walls I had built up against Thee! Then came the crash, as if heaven and earth were rent asunder! I was cast into the chasm; my kingdom was upon me! The leadership and vanity I had sown had cast me into hell! I was in death, but could not die!

21. A knot was bound upon me; foul-smelling slaves were clinched upon me, millions of them, tens of millions; and the shafts of their curses pierced my soul; I was as one lacerated and bound in salt; choked and suffocated with foul gases. But yet, Thou, O Jehovih, didst not desert me; but did hold my judgment from flying away into chaos.

22. And Thy Voice came to me in the time of my tortures; came as the argument of the Most High! It was like myself that spake to myself, saying: He that forever casteth away all things, can never be bound in hell; he that craveth and holdeth fast, is already laying the foundation for torments.

23. And I cried out unto Thee, O Jehovih, saying: O that I had possessed nothing! Nor talents, nor craft, nor philosophy. That I had told these wretches to go to Thee, O Jehovih! O that I had told them, Thou alone couldst bless them, or supply them! But I sought to lead them, and lo, they are upon me!

24. O that I could be freed from them. That I could turn about in an opposite way from my former years; having nothing, craving nothing, but a right to serve Thee, O My Father!

25. Thou didst send Thy Gods into the depths of hell, and they delivered me. And I made oath unto Thee, O Jehovih, to serve Thee forever. And Thou gavest me labor, and I bowed myself down to labor for Thy drujas, with all my wisdom and strength forever! And Thy hand came upon me and gave me great power; power even over mine own soul to create happy thoughts.

26. Why should I not praise Thee, O my Father? Thou gavest me liberty in all my ways, and didst answer me according to my desires. Neither once hast Thou turned away from me nor afflicted me; but because of mine own vanity I cut myself off from Thee. Yea, Thou hast shown me that to glorify Thee is the foundation of the highest happiness; to sing to Thee is the greatest delight; to praise Thee is te highest wisdom.

27. Hereat Ahura halted in his speech a while, and, still standing in the midst p. 484a of the throne, burst into tears. Presently he said:

28. Anuhasaj was my good friend. He it was who since took the name De'yus, and, afterward, proclaimed himself the Creator. I weep in pity for him. He is in hell now!



Jehovih said: Out of the etherean mountains of Ocgokuk I have brought the earth, prepared for my four Sons: Abram, Brahma, Po and Eawahtah. And I numbered the Earth at one hundred, for it had attained to fulness.


29. He was my best friend in the time of my darkness. And after I was delivered out of hell, he came and labored with me, full of repentance and love. Oft we rested in each other's arms. Afterward, he traveled far and near in Thy great heavens, O Jehovih.

30. And when he returned to this earth's heavens he came not to see me. And I was broken-hearted because of my great love for him. Then he founded his heavenly place and called it Hored. And I called out to Thee, O Jehovih, as to what message I should send him, for I foresaw his kingdom would be p. 485a broken up and himself ultimately cast into hell.

31. And Thou gavest me liberty to send him a message in mine own way. And in the anguish of my broken heart I sent him a message, saying, in substance: I have no longer any love for thee! And I chid him and upbraided him because he came not to see me, to gratify my burning love. And I foretold him the great darkness and the hell that would come upon him, even as they now are.



Jehovih said: That My Gods might learn to master the elements of My heavens, I brought the earth into the etherean forest of Kas'kak. And lo and behold, angels and mortals fell in the darkness. And Anuhasaj established the names Lord God and De'yus (Dyaus) (Deity) as worshipful on the earth. Before that time, man worshipped Me under the term Great Spirit. And man built the great pyramid as a monument to his own darkness.


32. Now do I repent, O Jehovih, that I sent him such a message! For near two thousand years my message hath been to me as if I swallowed a living coal of fire!

33. Ahura ceased. Lika spake, saying: Because thou hast plead for De'yus, thou hast turned the etherean hosts to him. To thee I allot the restoration of De'yus, alias Anuhasaj. My hosts will in the proper time take p. 486a thee to the hell where he is bound, and thou shalt be the first to receive him.

34. Lika then proclaimed a day of recreation, for there were millions of ethereans who desired to meet Ahura and greet him with love and praise.

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