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Chapter XI

1. JEHOVIH spake to Lika, saying: Appoint thou other servants unto Me for the other great divisions of the earth, and for the islands in the oceans of the earth; and give unto them each ten millions of My servants which thou broughtest from Nirvania. And they shall go down amongst mortals, and by inspiration and otherwise collect together in groups the scattered Faithists who worship Me. And thy servants shall also provide successors to come after them, to abide with mortals, making the seasons of watch short unto them that they shall not be weary thereof.

2. Then Lika appointed T'chow, N'yak, Gitchee, Guelf, Ali and Siwah, and allotted them to different divisions of the earth, and he gave them each ten millions of the hosts brought from the Orian worlds. And these were selected after the same manner as the previous ones; and they also saluted and departed for the earth.

3. Again Jehovih spake in the light of the throne, saying: Because many are risen in wisdom and truth, I will have Theovrahkistan for My holy place unto them; and it shall be the region for My Brides and Bridegrooms at the resurrection of dawn. But at the end thereof it shall be divided and sub-divided that none may find the place of My standing. For it hath come to pass, that man on the earth learning the name of one of My heavens glorifieth it, and aspireth to rise to it, but to rise to no other heaven.

4. Because My true Gods taught man of Hored in the early days, man desired Hored. Whereupon Mine enemies, the false Gods, each one cried p. 479a out: Behold, my heavenly place is Hored! I am the All Heavenly ruler! Come hither to me! For, by this means, the name I gave in truth, was usurped and made as a snare to enslave my earth-born.

5. And I will not more give to mortals a name of any of My heavenly places; nor shall they be taught of any heavens save the higher and the lower heavens, which shall designate My etherean and My atmospherean heavens. And by these terms shall man on the earth be fortified against the strategems of false heavenly rulers.

6. And man shall perceive that when angels or men or Gods or Saviors say: Come ye unto me, and I will give you of my heavenly kingdom! that they are false, and but tyrants to enslave My people. But if they say: Go ye, serve the Great Spirit, and not me, for I am only a man as thou art! then shall it be known that they are of My Nirvanian hosts.

7. And if they say: Come ye to this heaven or that heaven, for with me only is delight, it shall be testimony against them. But if they say: Verily, Jehovih is with thee; cultivate thyself within Him, and thou shalt find delight in all worlds, then shall it be testimony they are from My emancipated heavens.

8. Lika said: Seventy new kingdoms shall ye found in the lowest heaven, where ye shall begin again with schools and colleges and factories, teaching the spirits of the dead the requirements for resurrection.

9. Two hundred millions of my Orian angels shall be allotted to these seventy heavenly places, and during dawn it shall be their work to carry out these commandments. And they shall provide for successors after them, who shall continue for another season; and they shall provide yet other successors, and so on, even till the coming of the kosmon era.

10. Lika then selected the two hundred million angels, and divided them into seventy groups and companies around about the earth, in the lowest heaven, and after they were duly officered and organized, they saluted before the throne of Jehovih and departed to their several places.

11. Then came the voice of Jehovih to Lika, saying: Behold, of thy five hundred millions, are still left one hundred and seventy and five millions. This, then, is the work thou shalt put upon them: They shall begin at one end of hada and go to the other, delivering all the hells of the false Gods as they go; untying the knots thereof and providing passage for the drujas p. 480a into one great plateau. For as the false Gods began in confederacy I will bring them back into confederacy, even all of them that are cast into hell. And thou shalt officer them safely; and when they are thus established, behold, thou and thy Rapon hosts shall go and raise them up and deliver them into the a'ji'an Forest of Turpeset, where they shall be habitated and begin a new life of righteousness and love.

12. And Anuhasaj, once-crowned Lord God, shall be over them; and Osiris and Sudga and Te-in and all the other confederated Gods shall be under him; for even as these Gods labored to cast Me out, behold, I give unto them their harvest.

13. Then Lika commissioned the one hundred and seventy-five million ethereans, and officered them, and sent them into the hadan regions of the earth to deliver the hells thereof.

14. Jehovih said to Lika: The rest of thy eight hundred millions shall remain in Theovrahkistan, for the labor here is sufficient for them. And so they remained.

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