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Chapter X

1. THE five Gods' names were Ane, Jek, Lay, Oal and Yith. Lika said unto them: Ye have been heretofore crowned p. 477a as Gods; come ye to the foot of Jehovih's throne, for I will crown you with new names.

2. When they came to the place designated, Lika continued: Take my crown upon thy head, and speak thou in Jehovih's name in that labor which I put upon thee, Jehovih in Ane, Jehovih in Jek, Jehovih in Lay, Jehovih in Oal, Jehovih in Yith.

3. And thereupon Lika crowned them with a band on the head, inscribed, INANE, INJEK, INLAY, INOAL, and INYITH, Panic names designating their rank and the age of the earth in which these things came to pass.

4. Lika said: To each and every one I give of my etherean hosts ten million laborers for the period of dawn. And these are the labors I allot unto you: To Inane, to go down to the earth, to the land of Vind'yu, and be inspirer unto my mortal son, Capilya, and his followers. To Inlay, to go down to the earth, to the land of Jaffeth, and be inspirer unto my son, Chine, and his followers. To Inoal, to go down to the earth to the land of Egupt, and be inspirer to my son, Moses, and his followers. And ye three shall restore the Faithists in these great divisions of the earth unto liberty and safety. And thou, Inoal, shalt deliver Moses and the Faithists out of Egupt, and shape their course westward; for they shall circumscribe the earth, and complete it by the time of kosmon.

5. To Injek, to go down to the earth, to Parsi'e and Heleste, and provide those peoples to liberate the slaves who are Faithists, whom thou shalt inspire to migrate to Moses and his people. To Inlay, to go down to the earth, to Jaffeth and Vind'yu and Arabin'ya, to inspire the scattered Faithists in those lands to come together, to the great lights, Capilya and Chine and Moses.

6. And ye shall take with you of my hosts, whom I brought from etherea, and labor ye together as one man. And when dawn hath ended, ye shall repair hither, and be raised up unto my Nirvanian kingdoms. Nevertheless, ye shall not leave Jehovih's chosen alone, but provide angel successors unto them. And herein I give you a new law unto all my angel hosts who shall hereafter dwell with the Faithists on the earth, which is, that successors shall always be provided by the retiring hosts ere they have departed; for the Faithists shall not more be left alone for a long season.

7. The chosen five then said: In Thy name and wisdom and power, O Jehovih, we go forth in joy to fulfill Thy commandments. Because we lost the p. 478a earth Thou hast given it into our hands to redeem it and glorify Thee!

8. And thereupon Lika proclaimed a day of recreation, so the hosts could be selected, the fifty millions, to which labor the marshals fell to, helping the chosen.

9. During the recreation, the atmosphereans explained to the ethereans how laid the lands of the earth and the heavens thereunto belonging. And then, after a season of prayer and singing, and a season of dancing, the recreation was brought to a close.

10. After labor was resumed, the chosen five, with their hosts, saluted before the throne of Jehovih, and then withdrew and went to vessels which had been previously prepared for them, and embarked, and departed for the earth.

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