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Chapter IX

1. WHEN the other four Gods, the true Sons of Jehovih, who had been discomfited in the lower heavens by De'yus and his fellow false Gods, came, the light of Jehovih came again on Lika's throne. Jehovih said:

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2. I suffer not evil to triumph over good but for short seasons; and, soon or late, My righteous Sons and Daughters, raise up and rejoice in their trials which I suffered to come upon them. Let not men or angels say, because this or that happeneth: Lo, Jehovih sleepeth at his post! or: lo, Jehovih is the author of evil, or is impotent to avert it.

3. My times are not as the times of men or angels; nor am I within the judgment of men as to what is evil or good. When the wealth of the rich man is stolen, do not mortals say: Poor man, Jehovih hath afflicted him! For they judge Me by what they consider afflictions. But they behold not that I look to the soul of man as to what is good for him. And when the assassin hath struck the king unto death, behold, they say: How hath a good Creator done this? For they consider not the nation nor the problem of anything but for the day thereof; nor consider they what I do for the souls of many nations, by one small act.

4. For all people in heaven and earth are Mine own; they are as trees in My orchard, and I prune them not for the life of the branches, but for benefit of the whole orchard, and for the harvest that cometh after.

5. I created life, and I take away life; in Mine own way do I with Mine own. I send night to follow the day; clouds to interchange with the sunshine. And even so do I give times of dan to My atmospherean heavens, to be followed by seasons of darkness.

6. By these changes do mortals and angels and Gods learn to battle with and overcome the elements of My worlds.

7. The true Gods said: We weep before Thee, O Jehovih. Long and hard we labored our allotted seasons; we were helpless witnesses to the great darkness that came upon the inhabitants of heaven and earth.

8. Lika said: To you five, true Gods, who have toiled in the darkness of the earth and her heavens, I restore your old time names for the season of dawn, after which I will raise you all up, with your kingdoms restored to the full, and ye shall be heirs in my Nirvanian heavens, in peace and rest.

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