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Chapter XVII

1. THE Loo'is came before God, and having organized themselves into one community, so as to make it lawful to speak in Moeb, they appointed Ga'wasa to speak on behalf of the community. Ga'wasa said:

2. Hear me, O God, in the name of Jehovih! Thou hast ordained me according to the custom of heaven, to be a master of generations with mortals, and yet one generation is incomplete, wherefore I have come before thee. This day I have been summoned by Jehovih, through thy messengers, saying: To as many as desire to enter the next resurrection, come, for the time of harvest is at hand. Thus saith God, Son of Jehovih. Behold, now, another generation do I desire to dwell on earth.

3. God said: The places of heaven are open to all. If thou wouldst ascend now, do even so. If thou wilt tarry one generation, then thou shalt tarry two hundred years, for of such period will be the next harvest.

4. Ga'wasa said: In Jehovih's name, let my brethren pass before thee in judgment.

5. God said: Jehovih's will be done.

6. Ga'wasa withdrew and went and told his brethren what was said; and presently they came in and passed in judgment before God.

7. God said: Thou hast said, let me pass in judgment before thee! Hear me, then, for this is my judgment: If thou ascend with thy work incomplete, thou wilt be the unhappiest of men. Remain, therefore, for a greater glory is within thy reach.

8. The Loo'is passed to the left, signifying their determination to tarry yet two hundred years more with mortals.

9. After the Loo'is, came others desiring to be adjudged by God, and to all who had incompleted work, God said: Remain! And they remained.

10. Besides these were seventy thousand ethereans eligible to ascend, who volunteered to remain with mortals another two hundred years. Amongst these were the five Lords and Ha'jah, and four hundred messengers belonging to Hored, and seven hundred women in fetal, in the western division of Hored under Whaga.

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