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Chapter VIII

1. ON the uninhabited plateau, Theovrahkistan, rich and broad as the earth, high above the lands of Jaffeth, and Vind'yu, and Arabin'ya, lighted Lika in his airavagna, with his eight hundred millions. Here he made fast his fire-ship, and forth came his hosts to found a heavenly kingdom. Lika said:

2. I hear Thy voice, O Jehovih; Thy hand is upon me; in Thy Wisdom and Power will I build the foundations of Thy kingdom in these heavens.

3. Jehovih said: Call forth thy Rapon p. 474a hosts, thy companion Chiefs; build thy throne broad for them and thee. And shape thou the area of the capital and stand thy high Council, the chosen millions, to the four quarters of the heavens of the earth.

4. The legions then fell to and built a heavenly place unto Jehovih, and called it Yogannaqactra, home of Lika and his eight hundred millions.

5.Jehovih called out of the light of the throne which Lika built, saying: Lika, My Son, thou shalt build all things new on the earth and in the heavens of the earth, even as if nothing had ever been. Send thou thy messengers in an otevan to the broken-down region of My beloved, God of Craoshivi, and bring him and his thousand attendants unto thy place.

6. Thereupon an otevan was sent off, well officered, and in due time it returned, bringing God to Yogannaqactra, where he was received with great joy, and greeted in Jehovih's name.

7. Lika said: Speak thou, O God,for I am come to deliver these heavens into Jehovih's dominion. What are the light and the darkness of the heavens and the earth that have been intrusted to thy keeping, in Jehovih's name?

8. God said: Alas, how can I speak? Behold, my kingdoms are scattered and gone; I have nowhere any pride in anything I have done in heaven and earth. An exceeding great darkness came upon my people, for a thousand and five hundred years! Thy servants have been overpowered, helpless and tossed as chaff before the wind.

9. Lika said: How many Gods? How many dans of darkness? Whither are gone My true Gods?

10. God said: Four Gods are risen to etherea with their hosts, heart-broken, true Gods. Four dans have come and gone; so weak and small, like a breath of air, for the darkness brushed them away. In Savak-haben, in etherea, sojourn thy Gods.

11. Jehovih's light fell upon the throne, and His Voice came out of the light, saying: Send thou, O My Son, Lika, to Savak-haben, four arrow-ships, with a hundred thousand attendants for My true Gods, and bring them to Yogannaqactra.

12. Lika then sent four arrow-ships with his swift messengers and a hundred thousand attendants, to bring back the four disconcerted Gods.

13. God said: Thousands of millions of angels of darkness flood the hadan regions; and as many grovel about on the low earth. De'yus, the false Lord God, is cast into hell, a hell so wide p. 475a that none can approach his place of torment. Te-in, the fase God, the Joss, is also cast into hell; and so is Sudga, the false Dyaus; and so are all the false Gods that encompassed the earth around; their kingdoms are in anarchy.

14. The names Lord, and God, and Dyaus, and De'yus, and Zeus, and Joss, and Ho-Joss, and many others, have become worshipful on the earth! Not only labored the traitors to put away the Great Spirit, but to establish themselves as men-Gods capable of creating; yea, the veritable Creator of heaven and earth!

15. Lika said: Hear thou, then, the Voice of Jehovih! Because they have put Me aside and assumed to be Creators under the name God, and De'yus, I will magnify the Person of God and De'yus in men's understanding.

16. Nor from this time forth on the earth, for three thousand years, shall man be confined to the one name, Jehovih, or Eolin, or Eloih, but worship God, or Lord, or De'yus, or Zeus, or Dyaus, or Joss, or Ho-Joss. For since these men have cast themselves into hells, behold, the spirits of the risen shall not find them nor their kingdoms. And thou shalt magnify unto mortals that all names worshipful belong to the Ever Present, whose Person is the spirit and substance of all things. And if they inquire of thee: Who is Dyaus? or, Who is God? or, Who is Joss? thou shalt say: Hath He not said: Behold, I am the Creator of heaven and earth! and I say unto you, He is the Ever Present, the All Highest Ideal.

17. But this bondage shall come upon them: To reap the harvest they have sown. Because one hath said: Build thou a pyramid, and thy God will come and abide therein, even as a man dwelleth in a house; he shall be bound while the pyramid standeth. And another hath said: Behold, thy God is in the image of a man, and he sitteth on a throne in heaven; he shall be bound while this belief surviveth on the earth.

18. Because they have sown a falsehood on the earth, the harvest is theirs. And until they have reaped their whole harvest they shall not rise into My etherean worlds.

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