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Chapter VII

1. ONWARD sped Lika in his airavagna, with his eight hundred millions; through the sea of Enea-Wassa, the etherean realm of Haog-sa-uben; shining like a meteor in its flight, the ship of fire of eight hundred millions. On every side, the Jehovihian worshippers' vessels, tens of thousands, coursing as many ways, some fast, on missions of quickened labor; some slow, as traveling school-ships, exploring the great expanse and glorious richness of Jehovih's provided worlds, always ready for the newborn; each and all the ships as studded gems in the etherean sea, moving brilliants playing kaleidoscopic views, ever changing the boundless scene with surpassing wonders. And all of these, by signs and signals, the story of their place and mission revealing to the high-raised etherean souls, ships and men, as quickened living books of fire, radiant with the Father's light and history of worlds.

2. On Lika's ship, as on all the others, every soul, hundreds of millions, enraptured, stood in awe and admiration of the ever-changing scenes; some in silence, absorbed in thought; some posing with upraised hands; some ejaculating gleefully; and some in high p. 472a reverence to Jehovih, uttering everlasting praise; every soul its full bent, being the full ripe fruit of the diversified talents as they first shone forth in corporeal life.

3. Onward sped Lika's airavagna now in the Roads of Nopita, now in the a'ji'an Forest of Quion, most rich in adamantine substances, arches, stalactites and stalagmites, and in forming and dissolving scenes, a forest, a very background in the etherean worlds for the over-brilliant crystal regions of light. And here, too, the tens of thousands of ships of Jehovih's chosen; and on either side the great roadway lay the Fields of Anutiv, inhabited by countless millions of etherean kingdoms. Along the road for hundreds of thousands of miles, stretched up the hands of millions and millions of souls, waving banners and flags to their favored ships, going to some native star, from which Jehovih brought them forth.

4. Then changed the course of Lika's airavagna, by his commands sent through the comet Yo-to-gactra, a new condensing world, already with a head of fire four thousand miles broad; a very ball of melted corpor, whirling like the spindle of a filling spool, forever winding unto itself the wide extending nebulae. Here were coursing along, hundreds of thousands of school-ships, with students and visitors to view the scenes, most grand in rolling on, now round, now broken, now outstretched, this ball of liquid fire, whirling in the vortex, thirty million miles long. To balance against which vortex many of the ships tossed and rolled, dangerously, had they not been in skilled hands; and, as they were, causing millions of the students on many a ship to fear and tremble, perceiving how helpless and stupid they were compared to the very Gods who had them in charge.

5. Not long did Lika loiter to view the scenes, or to indulge his eight hundred millions, but stood his course again for the red star, the earth; coursing the Fuassette Mountains, where the God, Vrilla-Gabon, built the Echosinit kingdom, whose capital was Exastras, the place where the Niuan Gods assembled to witness the first starting forth of the earth. Here, halting awhile, and adown went Lika's recorders, to gather from the Exastras libraries the earth's early history and the grade of her creation; a copy of which obtained, the recorders hastily returned, when onward again sped the airavagna, now making course across the Plains of Zed, in the midst of which lay the great sea Oblowochisi, p. 473a four million miles across, and this also studded over with thousands of etherean ships.

6. And now across to Rikkas, the place of the Goddess, Enenfachtus, with her seven thousand million etherean souls, whereupon Lika and his hosts cast down millions of wreaths and tokens, and the while, the music of the two spheres mingled together in Jehovih's praise. Here, across, the distance was three million miles.

7. Now, all the while before, the red star stood upward, inclining upward, but here in horizontal line began to stand, gleaming in more effulgent flame. And in the course, where Lika's airavagna should go, the Goddess, Enenfachtus, had previously upraised a hundred thousand pillars of fire to honor him and his company; which great respect Lika and his hosts answered with holy salutations.

8. After this, came the ji'ay'an Forests of Hogobed, three million miles across, and close for lack of etherean air and inspiration. Here stood the Province of Arathactean, where dwelt the God, Yew-Sin, with thirty thousand million newly-raised Brides and Bridegrooms from the star Kagados. Over these regions Lika sped swiftly, and then to the open sea, Amatapan, on the Vashuan Roads.

9. Then a sail of two million miles, in the uninhabited regions of Samma, when he reached Chinvat, the bridge on the boundary of the earth's vortex beyond the orbit of the moon.

10. And, halting not, but now coursing on a downward plane, made straight toward the swift-rolling earth, whose speed was three-quarters of a million miles a day. Through the high-floating plateaux of atmospherea came Lika with his fire-ship, with his hosts, eight hundred millions, came his ship like a meteor, huge as a continent.

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