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Chapter IV

1. JEHOVIH spake in the light of the throne of Kairksak, in Vetta'puissa, saying: Lika, My Son! This is My road and My journey. With thee and thy hosts My Voice shall travel with power; on the earth will I lie My foundation, in spirit and word. Thy companion Chiefs and Chieftainesses shall go with thee; they shall help deliver the inhabitants of the earth and her heavens.

2. My enemies have marked their labors in temples and pyramids. Because their hearts rose not up to Me, they descended into stone, the most dead of all things. They have carried the inhabitants of the earth down to rottenness and to death. Suffer their monuments to stand as testimonies of them that hated Me, that denied Me, that believed not in Me, the All Person.

3. My building shall be the most p. 467a subtle of all things, the spirit of mine own body. Verily shall it be a monument within the souls of My chosen. Nor will it go away again in darkness, but it shall encompass the whole earth.

4. For thou shalt find My chosen a scattered people, persecuted and enslaved, the most despised of all the races of men. But I will show My power with them; I will raise them up; the things I do through them, and the words I speak through them, even in their ignorance and darkness, shall become mighty. Their words shall be treasured forever; and none can match them in wisdom of speech, or in the craft of good works.

5. But the learned men of all other peoples shall be forgotten; their wisdom be like the wind that bloweth away. The self-Gods and self-Lords that led them astray shall be as a serpent that biteth itself unto death. Yea, as long as their pyramids and temples stand, their own falsehoods shall stare them in the face.

6. They have bound themselves in their own bulwarks; they shall yet be My laborers, thousands of years, to undo the evil they sowed on the earth. Nor shall they look down from heaven and behold with joy their temples and pyramids; but as one beholdeth a coal of fire burning in the flesh, so shall their edifices cry out unto them forever: THOU FALSE ONE. And it shall be to them a burning fire that will not die out.

7. And their great learning, even of the stars and the sun and moon, and of all the things of the earth, and in the waters, shall pass away and be remembered not amongst men. Yea, the names of their men of great learning shall go down, with none to remember them on the earth. And in time, long after, the nations of people will forget them and their wisdom, and even pity them, and say of them: What a foolish people!

8. But My chosen, who are their slaves, and are as nothing in the world, shall speak, and their words shall not be forgotten; shall write, and their books will be a new foundation in the world. Because My hand will be upon them, My wisdom shall come forth out of their mouths.

9. And this shall be testimony in the ages to come, as to what manner of knowledge endureth forever. For as the buildings of the earth remain on the earth, and the spirits of them that incline to the earth raise not up, so have I bound corpor in corpor; but as I planted the quickened spirit of man in p. 468a man for spiritual knowledge, so shall spiritual knowledge look upward for an everlasting resurrection.

10. Lika asked: O Thou Highest, Jehovih, what are the preparations of Thy Gods? Wherein shall my hand be strong on the earth? Jehovih answered, saying: For six generations aback hath My God prepared unto thee and thy hosts. My voice was with My God, and I said unto him: My Son, behold, the time cometh in six generations, when I will bring the earth into another dawn of light. And in that day will I bring My Son, Lika, from My etherean worlds; and he shall come with a mighty host of ethereans with great power. Go thou, My Son, down to the earth, and with thy loo'is, thy masters of generations, and raise up an heir unto thy voice. In the three great divisions of the earth provide thou three servants to do My will.

11. So, My Son, God of Craoshivi, hath raised up unto thee, O Lika, three men, Capilya, and Chine, and Moses, the fruit of the sixth generation in the lands of their fathers; and they are of the Faithists in Me, holy men and wise. To these shalt thou send the Gods of their forefathers, even they who were beaten away by the Gods of evil.

12. And Capilya shall deliver the Faithists of Vind'yu, and Chine shall deliver the Faithists of Jaffeth, and Moses shall deliver the Faithists of Egupt. And this, also, shalt thou put upon Moses and his people: He shall lead his people westward; and their heirs after them shall also go westward; yea, westward until they circumscribe the earth. Three thousand and four hundred years shalt thou allot to them to complete the journey. And wherever they go, they shall establish My name, Jehovih; they shall lead all people away from all Gods, to believe in the Great Spirit, who I am.

13. And when they have carried My name to the west coast of Guatama, and established Me, behold, I will bring the earth into kosmon; and My angels shall descend upon the earth in every quarter with great power. And it shall come to pass that the Faithists of the children of Moses shall find the Faithists of the children of Chine and the Faithists of the children of Capilya.

14. And all these people shall cry out in that day: No God, no Lord, no Savior! For My hand will be upon them, and their words shall be My words. But they will proclaim Me, the Great Spirit, the Ever Present, Jehovih.

p. 469a

15. And they shall become the power of the world; and shall establish peace and put away war, leading all peoples in the way of peace, love and righteousness.

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