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Chapter II

1. FAR and wide, spread the words of Lika, words of Jehovih, over the Plains of Poe-ya, first highest light in etherea, where traveled the earth and her heavens. Far off, toward the northern group of twinkling stars, gazed the etherean millions; rose the voice of millions: Where is the red star? Where lieth the earth and her troubled heavens? Is not this the young star, a satellite that traveleth with the hidan sun? What is the angle and course of this little, traveling world, that our eyes may feast on the road where soon our Chief will send Jehovih's redeeming ships?

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2. Then they pointed, surmising, by the red-like color and tedious motion, which was the earth, one of the small gems that Jehovih had placed in the measureless firmament. And they gazed thereon, speaking with souls of delight: Great art Thou, O Jehovih, to build so wide. To stud the etherean worlds with gems like these; to provide a place for the souls of men to germinate. Surely her people, the sons and daughters of the red star, must behold etherea; must realize the difference betwixt a short corporeal life and this endless paradise. Can it be that they have, in their small heavens, unscrupulous false Lords and false Gods who set themselves up to be worshipped as creators, whom mortals name with bated breath? And have they, too, a host of Saviors, who profess to have the key to all the roads that lead into this great expanse, the etherean worlds? Some excuse mortals have who are brought forth to life on the central suns, to be stubborn in their egotism of their Lords and Saviors and Gods; but on one so small like the earth, how can it be?

3. Then came back Lika's swift messengers in their arrow-ships; messengers attained to be very Gods in wisdom, and in swiftness. And they quickly told the tale, about their visit to the red star and her heavens; told how the true God, Son of Jehovih, had struggled on, but had been outmatched by all odds by self-Gods and self-Lords, who had plunged thousands of millions of hapless souls into torturing hells.

4. And this news Lika spread abroad in his etherean dominions, which only needed to be told once, for every sympathetic soul by his shocked appearance told it to others, the like of which spread instantly to thousands of millions of high-raised ethereans. And when Lika said: Five hundred million angels shall go with me to the troubled earth and her heavens, in double-quick time the volunteers were ready to be enrolled on the list.

5. Then Lika inquired more fully of the swift messengers, and they answered him, saying: This, O Lika, Son of Jehovih! The earth hath passed her corporeal maturity, and mortals have set up a pyramid to mark the time thereof. The days of the highest, greatest audacity of the self-Gods are passed, and are memorized by the pyramid also; for in that self same time, they taught mortals to worship the God and the Lord and the Savior, instead of the Great Spirit, Jehovih. But darkness is upon the self-Gods, and they are bound in hells; and mortals are also bound in hells.

p. 464a

6. Behold, this is the first dawn of dan on the earth since she passed the limit of her greatest corporeality.

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