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Chapter XV

1. HA'JAH said: With the exaltation of Moeb, so shall my places be exalted before Jehovih. Let the enumerators of the communities of heaven send representatives before me. The communities of manufacturers who produce food and clothes for the es'yans, the communities for hospitals p. 33 and nurseries, the communities for education, the communities for training messengers, and all other communities.

2. When the representatives came, according to the instructions of the marshals, and were before the throne, Ha'jah said:

3. The toilers shall not be always toilers; the physicians not always runners after the sick. Whosoever is proficient will I exalt. He that can walk shall no longer crawl.

4. Many are wise and strong, and some have passed beyond the boundary of self-desires for self-sake.

5. A child may not have self-desires, but then it lacketh wisdom and strength. A full grown man or woman may have wisdom and strength, but lack in the abnegation of self.

6. I will make every community a double from this time forth, and one shall be called Maga, and the other shall be called Minga. Maga shall be my promoted laborers, who are being prepared for the second resurrection.

7. And Maga's labor shall be in concert with Moeb, the house of Jehovih. But Minga's labor shall be as heretofore, even with individual affairs and the organizing of new places for the delivered es'yans, who are the fruit of the Lords and their kingdoms on the earth.

8. Let my marshals select judges to carry out these my decrees, in the name of Jehovih.

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