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1. AFTER the meeting between De'yus and Osiris and Sudga, when De'yus was left alone, he thus reasoned: Since Sudga and Osiris have thus left me uncivilly amidst a most disgusting quarrel, it must follow that on their arrival home they will secede, taking their kingdoms with them. Well, it will be well; I will the more warmly bind my fellowship to Te-in, and we twain shall overthrow Sudga and Osiris, and take all their spoils.

2. While De'yus thus soliloquized, messengers came from Che-su-gow, Te-in's heavenly place, bringing this word: Greeting to thee: our Lord God: Te-in hath seceded, and taken both his heavenly and his corporeal dominions unto himself. With an army of two hundred million angel warriors he is walling his heavenly kingdom around on every side; none can pass or repass without his permission.

3. Before De'yus recovered from his surprise, behold, other messengers came from Sudga's heavenly place, saying: Greeting to thee, our Lord God: Sudga hath seceded, taking with him his heavenly kingdom and his earth dominions, Vind'yu! With an army of two hundred million angel warriors he is walling his heavenly kingdom around on every side; none can pass or repass without his permission!

4. De'yus said: So alike and like! Then these rascal Gods had this planned beforehand! Presently other messengers arrived, saying: Greeting to thee, our one-time Lord God of heaven and earth! Osiris and Baal and Ashtaroth have seceded, taking their heavenly kingdoms and their mortal dominions with them. I, Osiris, have spoken. Thy higher grades I will draw unto myself; my lower grades I will banish unto thee!

5. De'yus said: Well, it is well. I will now make stronger the other heavenly divisions unto me; and the earth divisions, too long neglected by me; Uropa, Guatama, North and South, and their heavenly places.

6. But whilst he thus soliloquized, behold, messengers arrived from these places, also announcing their secession in like manner. Then De'yus was silent for a long while, considering. But satan came to him, saying:

7. Darkness cometh unto all the great, for by this the light is made to shine brighter. Now, since all access to the corporeal earth is cut off, and since all thy supplies for food and raiment must come up from the earth, it followeth that thou shalt lower Hored, thy heavenly place, nearer to the face of the earth. The which accomplished, thou shalt send ten thousand millions of thy warrior angels against these rebellious Gods and despoil them of their dominions, and cast them into hell, and repossess thou the whole earth.

8. De'yus said: It is true! My way is clear. These rascally Gods know not how foolishly they have exposed themselves. Hored is wide enough to cover them up. And by fire will I chase the drujas upon them, ten thousand million strong; flood them with such foulness that their kingdoms will go to pieces under them and suffocate them in the horrid stench.

9. De'yus then called together his vice-Gods, and his Holy Council, and his highest-raised officers; and he related to them what had occurred, and his plans ahead. But that he might the better deliberate and gain their acquiescence, he granted a day of recreation to meet on the following day at the trumpet call.

10. But lo and behold, on the day of recreation, no less than seven hundred millions of his highest grades left him and Hored, and descended to the heavenly kingdoms of his former Gods, some to one and some to another, whilst a few of them descended to the earth to found small kingdoms of their own. Danger was already staring Anuhasaj in the face.

11. Accordingly, he at once chose his officers, and set them to work, but owing to their lack of knowledge in such matters, only small sections were bound and lowered at one time, at which rate a hundred years would be required to accomplish the work. Hereat, De'yus' heart began to fail him. The prophecies of the higher Gods, that he and his kingdoms would be ultimately broken up and cast into hell, began to show signs of realization fearful to contemplate.

12. Anuhasaj had no time for war, p. 425 but must now use every strategem in his power to prevent dismemberment in his own kingdom. In these straits a good fortune came to him in a ji'ay'an harvest falling in all the atmospherean heavens, compressing and falling, so that his lowest grades were provided with sustenance from above, and they were pacified.

13. Jehovih had spoken to Cpenta-armij, in her far-off etherean worlds, saying: Behold, the earth, she entereth now the ji'ay'an fields of Tu'e'vraga, in My high roads, Loo-sutsk. A little while will I feed the self-Gods of the lower heavens, and lead them on to know My power.

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