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Chapter XXX

1. NOW, after the three false Gods, Osiris and Te-in and Sudga, had revealed these things to mortals, they sent messengers to the Lord God, praying audience with him, that they might disclose to him what they had done. Anuhasaj, alias De'yus, therefore, appointed a time of meeting, and the Gods came before him and made their report. After which De'yus said:

2. In all ye have done I acquiesce; neither have ye said aught that I would not have said, save that I desired not to laud myself with mine own mouth. And thus ended the matter, as to how mortals were taught to worship the names Lord and God, and Lord God, and Ho-Joss, and Joss, and De'yus, and Deity, and Dyaus, and Zeus, and various other names, according to the languages of the people of Jaffeth, and Vind'yu, and Arabin'ya, and Parsi'e, and Heleste. And thousands of millions of angels of the Lord God and his Gods, who were sent down to mortals, inspired them and taught them the same things through seers, and prophets, and magicians, and through other people, also, by dreams and visions.

3. And mortals were taught the secret of spiritually going out of their own corporeal bodies, and returning safely; and in this state they were taken subjectively to the kingdom of the Lord God, where they beheld him even as a man, sitting on a throne; and they saw the great glory of his kingdom, and beheld the worshippers, millions of them, glorifying De'yus, the false Lord God. And these persons became preachers on the earth; enthusiastically stirring men up on every hand to draw the sword and spear and sling to go forth in battle, to overthrow the doctrine of the Great Spirit and establish the De'yus.

4. And it came to pass that they thus accomplished the will of the Lord God in all these divisions of the earth. The Jehovians, being non-resistants, were powerless before them. Kings and queens on the earth accepted these doctrines, and they marshaled their armies in all directions to establish the Lord God, who had said unto them: As much as ye exalt me and my kingdoms, so will I exalt you. As I behold, ye are become wise and powerful to rule over many on the earth, so will I give unto you large kingdoms in heaven.

5. And the false Lord God and his false Gods prospered in earth and heaven, as to themselves and their kingdoms, hundreds of years, nine hundred years, and at this time the Faithists of the earth were reduced to a small fraction of people, mostly hid away, as sheep from wolves.

6. But in nine hundred and fifty years, behold, the worshippers of the Lord God, the false, began to quarrel and fight amongst themselves. Even as by blood they had established him, so by blood were the kings and queens of the earth overthrowing one another.

7. Because of the warfare, schools, and colleges, and houses of philosophy, were wasted away; the factories for spinning and weaving were destroyed, and the lands not tilled.

8. And now of the heavenly kingdoms of Anuhasaj and his Gods, this is what occurred, to wit: They had accumulated twenty-eight thousand millions of spirits, all of whom were servants to De'yus and his Gods. For the most part they were below grade ten, whilst three thousand millions were below grade five, which is helplessness.

9. Jehovih had so made men and angels that, whosoever had learned to abnegate self and to labor for the good of others, was already above grade fifty, and his ascension should be perpetual thereafter; whilst they that were below grade fifty, who had not put away self (satan), should gravitate downward, toward the earth. Wherein it had come to pass that the false Lord God and his false Gods were burdened with their kingdoms.

10. And though they were adorned to the utmost, having vast cities for their heavenly capitals, with millions of attendants, and millions of musicians, p. 412 who were forever inventing new and wonderful music, and playing and singing, millions and millions in concert, with millions of trumpeters, near and far off, to fashion echoes beautiful to the ear; and though they had decorators forever inventing and changing their thousands of millions of flags and banners, and the ornaments for the pageantry; though they had millions of heavenly cities, built with heavenly precious stones and gems of splendor, and with roadways and streets paved with heavenly diamonds and pearls; and though they had tournaments, heavenly, and games, and rites and ceremonies, prostrations and salutations, without end, with great ships, heavenly, capable of coursing atmospherea in journeys and excursions, ships to carry hundreds of millions of angels, whose chief occupation was to sing and chant the glory and power and dominion of De'yus and his Gods; yea, though a large book could not contain a description of the thousandth part of their wonderful glory, yet each and every God began to see coming danger.

11. Jehovih had said: Two precipices have I left open for testing man's strength, and they are: great prosperity and great adversity.

12. And behold, satan came upon them in the guise of a good friend. First, he went to Anuhasaj and said unto him: Thou greatest of Gods! Who is like unto thee? Behold, I came to thee in the beginning, and told thee what to do, even to stretch forth thine hand, and heaven and earth should be thine forever, for thine own glory. And lo, it hath come on finely! Thou hast routed Jehovih and His hosts in heaven and earth; they are as a remnant skulking away. Hear me, then, O De'yus, for I will not only praise thee for what thou hast accomplished, but I will chide thee for thy failings.

13. De'yus said: Wherein have I failed, O satan? And satan answered, saying: Thou art too honest for thine own good; too pure for thine own benefit; too unsuspecting as regards thy Gods. Being thyself honest, thou hast easily attributed honesty unto others, and they have taken advantage of thee.

14. Anuhasaj said: How? Satan answered, saying: In the first, thou saidst to thy Gods: Maintain ye your schools, and colleges, and factories, and otherwise prepare the spirits of the dead unto resurrection. And as fast as they arrive at grade thirty, send ye them to my kingdom, that Hored may be glorified forever. But lo and behold, thy Gods used the angels as slaves, to build up the glory of their own kingdoms. They have suffered their heavenly places of education, for the most part, to be scattered and gone. Neither have they inspired mortals to instruction, as I warned thee at the first. And mortals have thrown aside their schools and colleges, and their places of art, and have become riotous, and given to gross living, and there is no resurrection in them. Which matters show thee that, soon or late, all the spirits of the earth will be of no grade at all, but as fetals and vampires to live on mortals.

15. De'yus said: Why are mortals become gross livers? Satan answered him, saying: Behold, in thine own revelation to mortals thou saidst to them: Partake not of fish, nor flesh, nor blood, for food, nor of anything that breatheth the breath of life. And now, behold what came to pass: Thy three Gods, whom thou hadst elevated and trusted, fell to and made other revelations, wherein they said: Partake of fish and flesh; for they desired to please mortals. And lo, it hath come to pass that man not only warreth for thee, but he warreth to the right and left, for it is in his blood, after the manner of beasts that feed on flesh. Thy Gods had no right to give this law unto man without first consulting thee, to know thy will and pleasure.

16. Anuhasaj said: Alas, it is true. What shall I do? Satan said: Thou shalt call thy Gods before thee and chide them in thine own way, and command them to go down to mortals and re-establish learning and industry, instead of war. Anuhasaj said: Even so shall they come and receive my reprimand. They shall know of a truth that I am the Lord their God.

17. Satan went to the other false Gods, every one separately, saying unto each: Hear me, O thou wisest of Gods, who shouldst in fact be at the all highest Godhead in heaven, because of thy great wisdom and integrity. Behold, I came to thee at the first and foretold thee how thy kingdom should become great and glorified; and even so hath it come to pass. When thou puttest forth thine hand to do a thing, it is done; for thou wert born into life different from all others, and for the highest of glories. And because of thy greatness, behold, all the Gods of heaven are jealous of thee and fear thee, all of which thou knowest of thine own knowledge. Now, whilst I accord this unto thee, I will also chide thee for thy shortness:

p. 413

18. For, because thou art honest thyself, thou believest the same of others; wherefore thou art cheated and ill-used on all hands. In the first while, thou didst send thy highest grades to the Lord God, to be his; yea, thou hast robbed thine own kingdom of its finest and best subjects for the glory of De'yus. And who is De'yus more than thou? Is he not a coward? for he feared to give his own doctrines to mortals; but he abridged his words till they were worthless. And thou and thy fellow-Gods made his doctrines up in full for him! Yet thou servest him as if he were thy superior.

19. The false God said: Alas, it is true, with all my wisdom I have acted like a fool. Because I was too honest and pure for De'yus and his Gods, they have taken advantage of me. What shall I do? Satan said: I told thee at the first, that the time should come when thou shouldst rise to be higher than all other Gods. Behold, the time is near at hand when thou shalt strike the blow. Thou shalt not only have thine own kingdom, but the kingdoms of thy companion Gods; and even De'yus shall be tributary unto thee and thine.

20. The false God said: What shall I do? And satan answered, saying: De'yus will scent the danger to his kingdom, and he will summon his Gods for consultation. Be thou ready with thine answer unto him and them; not hastily, for such is the manner of the weak; but most deliberately, in high holiness of purpose, for the good of mortals and spirits.

21. Thus alike and like spake satan unto all the false Gods; and they nursed the planted seed; held it in the light and shade to see it grow, till it became the very giant of each one's understanding.

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