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Chapter XXVII

1. OSIRIS, being commanded of God to speak, said: Give us one day, O De'yus, that we may digest this matter.

2. Thereupon the Lord God gave them one day; and on the next day, when they were assembled, the Gods ratified every word De'yus had spoken. And it was called the morning and evening of the second day.

3. Again De'yus spake, saying: Let the waters of the earth be in one place, and the land appear unto itself, for it was so. And I saw that the earth was good (and that heaven might reign thereon). And I saw that the earth brought forth grass, and trees, and fruit, and seeds, everything after its own kind; and I said: Behold, they are good. (Neither attributed I evil unto anything on the earth, or in the waters, or in the air above. But I separated the light from darkness; this was the substance of my creation).

4. Again Osiris asked for a day, that the Gods might weigh the words of the Lord God; and this was the evening of the third day. And God gave them a day; and when they were again assembled, De'yus said:

5. Let there be Gods in the firmament above the earth; and they shall separate the darkness from the light of the earth (that man may know me and my kingdoms).

6. And my Gods shall teach signs and seasons, and days and years, forever, unto the sons of men. And I made myself to rule the light of the world; but Osiris I made to rule the darkness of the world, which is the earth, my footstool.

7. Again De'yaus gave the Gods one day, to weigh the matter of his words, and to ratify them; which they did. And this was the morning of the fourth day.

8. Again De'yus said: Let the waters of the earth bring forth abundantly the moving creatures that live; and let the fowl fly above the earth in the air of the firmament. For they are good. Let them be fruitful and multiply, every living creature, and fill the air above the earth, every creature after its own kind. Wherefore my blessing is upon them.

9. Again the Lord God gave his Gods a day to weigh his words and ratify them, which they did; and this was the morning of the fifth day. And then De'yus said: And now, my Gods, let us make man in our own fashion; and in likeness of ourselves, let them have dominion also, but over the fish in the waters, and the fowl in the air, and over the cattle, and over the earth, and over every living creature upon the earth. And ye shall go to them and say to them: In our own likeness are ye created, male and female, and God's blessing is upon you. Be ye fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the earth, and the fishes, and fowl, and every living creature on the earth, for they are yours forever! p. 407 And behold, ye have every herb, and seed, and fruit, which is on the face of the earth, and the roots that grow in the earth, and they shall be your food. But of whatsoever hath breathed the breath of life man shall not eat.

10. Again De'yus gave the Gods a day of rest, in order to weigh the matter and ratify it; and this was the morning of the sixth day.

11. And again De'yus spake, saying: The Lord your God said unto thee, Osiris; and to thee, Te-in; and to thee, Sudga: Search thou amongst mortals for one high in su'is, for when I announce my doctrines, thou shalt go to such mortal and cause him to write my words, saying: Such are the words of the Lord, thy God. In answer to which I bid ye all now speak before me.

12. Osiris said: According to thy commandments have I searched and have found Thoth the highest man in su'is, and he dwelleth in Arabin'ya.

13. Then spake Te-in, saying: In like manner, also searched I, and found Hong, in my division of the earth, the highest man in su'is; and he dwelleth in Ho'e'Sin.

14. Then answered Sudga, saying: Even so have I accomplished in Vind'yu, and I have found one Anj-rajan.

15. De'yus said: To these mortals go ye and give my doctrines in your own ways; according to the language of mortals, and their capacity to understand. Neither bind I you to my exact words, nor limit you, save that that I have spoken shall be the foundation.

16. Thus, then, endeth the feast; and behold, it is the seventh day; for which reason I sanctify it and declare it a day of recreation.

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