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Chapter XIII

1. SO God enlarged the place of Hored, and built one thousand more pillars of fire, enlarging the circle and otherwise making it a place of splendor. And God called together the recorders from the libraries of heaven, and caused them to select one hundred thousand new members for the house of Moeb (Parliament), choosing them from the highest on the lists. In this matter, God said:

2. Seek not the most learned, nor the most prayerful, for members; but choose ye such as rank highest in assimilating to Jehovih and to their fellows; for such are the first to become Gods and Goddesses. Jehovih saith: A strong man may do more good works than a weak one; and yet the latter may stand fairer in My sight. I open the way to the weak and the strong; to the learned and the unlearned.

3. God said: In all these matters, whatever man or woman hath put away self-desires for self's sake, serving the Father by laboring for others, is on the road to wisdom. And if the records show a sufficient time for growth in such man or woman, whereby these virtues become organic, then choose ye that person, for of such shall be Moeb.

4. So the laborers gathered from the heavens around about, agni, and built Moeb within, suitable for the members to be seated according to their rank; p. 32 and when it was finished, on that same day, the recorders brought the new members, and they went into the temple to their respective places.

5. And when seated, God spake from the throne, saying: To Thee, O Jehovih, have I built the house of Moeb in Hored; and by Thy wisdom have I chosen the members thereof. To Thee, O Father, I dedicate this house, and it shall be Thy house. Give us of Thy light, O Jehovih, that we may not err.

6. A light descended from the heavens above and fell upon the members of Moeb, as a symbol of approval by the archangels; and presently the new members rose up, every one of their own accord, but the old members remained seated.

7. God said: Above your heads I make the sign of Jehovih's name, in a circle of fire, and the cross, and the leaf of life; for by it are ye sworn to the Father's labor.

8. Hear me, then, O my beloved: Ye are henceforth denied individual ministration with individuals, but ye are now become a unit with many, and with these must your labor and your love and your wisdom be in concert of action.

9. Henceforth must ye no longer say: What can I do for this man or that man, or this woman or that woman, or this child or that child? For this is individual labor; and on the earth such ministration belongeth to the ashars; and in atmospherea, such ministration belongeth to the asaphs. But ye shall minister to organic communities who are composed of individuals. For there are communities for factories, and others for education, and others for treatment of the sick; and such communities exist both on earth and in heaven.

10. Ye shall divide yourselves into groups for this purpose, and every group shall have its special business in charge; and each group shall stand in Moeb as one member of Jehovih's judgment seat. According to your talents shall ye divide, and group together, choosing such department wherein each one hath the greatest wisdom and strength. Withdraw, then, and thus complete your groups according to the rates my proper officers will assign, and then return again into Moeb, and in Jehovih's name, take the seats allotted to you all.

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