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Chapter XXII

1. AND now came the third asaault of Osiris' legions of angels, inspired to desperate madness by the harangues of their generals and captains. And every mortal was marked out, and his degree of faith in the Great Spirit known, so the destroyers knew well where to strike effectively.

2. At midnight again came the Osirians, rushing on, and by force of numbers laid their hands on many mortals, millions! Held fast, and hurled missiles furiously about the sleeping apartments, to rouse from sleep their mortal victims, who, to wake and see no cause for the whirling stools and tables, and the terrible noises and blows in every corner of their houses, sprang up affrighted, and lost as to know what to do. In many places the angels of De'yus spake audibly in the dark, saying: There is but one God, even the Lord your God, great De'yus, on the throne of Hored. Bow down in reference before him, or destruction and death shall be your doom!

3. The Osirian angels, gloating in their much success, now filled every house, where they had fastened on, and made all such places head-quarters for their captains and generals and thousands and tens of thousands of angel servants, who were proud and boastful, most hilarious in knocks and hideous noises about the house walls.

4. In many instances the ashars, the guardian angels, were overpowered and crowded off, for because of the small faith and little spirituality in the mortals captured, their power was weak and scattered.

5. But not in all cases had the Osirians won, but were in hundreds of thousands of families overcome or baffled till the rising sun, which drove them off, leaving the Jehovians still victorious. But sufficient was the glory unto Osiris and his legions, wherefrom messengers were sent to De'yus speedily, with most exaggerated tales of the victories won.

6. In Parsi'e there fell this night p. 400 twelve hundred thousand men, women and children into the clutches of the hosts of De'yus, the Lord God, the false. In Arabin'ya the fallen victims numbered two millions; and in Heleste one million and a half! But not yet had the captured mortals realized what had happened; they only knew frantic noises, and flying missiles disturbed them all night long. Many rushed forth to the oracles and altars to learn the cause, and to know if, in truth, the angels of heaven were at war; if God had come, as had been told in the old legends, to afflict mortals. The learned acknowledged not the cause to be angels, but sought for cracks in the wood, or concealed persons, or cats, or dogs. The which excited their disbelieving souls so they proclaimed before all men each special wonder, a hundred times magnified.

7. The unlearned believed in the angels thus suddenly come upon them; and cultivated their coming, and hearkened to their words, to put away Jehovih and accept De'yus; or otherwise, after death, their souls would be weighed by Anubi, and, for lack of faith in the Lord God, instead of Jehovih, cast into everlasting hell.

8. And such mortals, willing tools to follow spirits' advice instead of Jehovih's light within their own souls, were led through the Anubian ceremonies, but malformed by substituting words to glorify De'yus, and Osiris, his so-called son.

9. But the philosophers searched deeper, to find if, of a truth, the soul were immortal; and if it be a very truth that the souls of the dead come thus back, setting at defiance nature's laws, as they called the common things about them? What, then, were the sum and substance of the created worlds, and ultimate end, the all highest place for man?

10. The which the Osirian angels answered, explaining that the first heavenly place was hada, wherein were many hells; and that the all highest heaven was Hored, where the Lord God sat on his throne in great glory. And around him on every side were thousands of millions of angels who had attained to everlasting peace, with nothing more to do but to bow and sing praises unto their God forever!

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