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Chapter XV

1. DE'YUS replied not to Ahura, God of Vara-pishanaha, but sent the messengers away without a word. And satan came again to De'yus, saying: Send word to thy Gods to be firm, for this day hath Ahura and the God of Craoshivi beset them to return to Jehovih's worship.

2. De'yus feared nevertheless, so he inquired of satan what was the best great thing he could do. Satan said: O Lord, my God, this is the best thing thou canst do: For all the Divan laws destroyed, make thou De'yus laws instead. Why shalt thou follow in the footsteps of the ancients?

3. The Lord God said: Yea, yea! I will not be bound by the laws of the ancients, but I will have laws of mine own, and they shall be called the LAWS OF THE LORD GOD.

4. Satan (self) said: These, then shall be thy words, O Lord God, which shall be the laws of De'yus, to wit:

5. I, the Lord God, have made self-preservation the first law.

6. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy soul, thy heart and mind.

7. Him only shalt thou worship now, henceforth and forever.

8. Thou shalt not worship Jehovih; He is void; He is nothing.

9. Nor shalt thou worship any idol of anything, on the earth or in the heavens of the earth.

10. Whoever worshippeth anything save me, the Lord God, shall be put to death.

11. Behold, I am a God of justice and truth; I am a God of anger; vengeance is mine.

12. I have a gate at the hill of Hored; my guardians are cherubims and seraphims, with flaming swords.

13. Whoever raiseth his arm against me shall be destroyed; to do my will is the sixth law.

14. Whosoever putteth the mark of the circumcision on a male child shall be put to death.

15. Neither shall any man do evil for evil's sake; nor by violence oppress any man, woman or child.

16. Whoever exalteth me on earth, him will I exalt in heaven.

17. Whoever overthroweth other Gods, save the Lord God, who is the De'yus of heaven and earth, him will I exalt in heaven.

18. Now it came to pass that these decrees of the false God were established on the earth. And the names Dyaus became paramount to all other Gods in Vind'yu and eastern Parsi'e; and the name Te-in, in Jaffeth (China), and the name Lord God, in Arabin'ya (Egypt). And these peoples had now a new sacred book given to them. And yet all of these names represented only angel only, Anuhasaj, a one-time mortal.

19. Prior to this the Faithists on earth were taught non-resistance; to ignore leadership; to return good for evil, and to dwell together as brethren.

20. But now, because of the decrees of Anuhasaj, alias De'yus, Faithists were led astray, becoming warriors, and aspiring to become kings and rulers.

21. Nevertheless, many of them still called themselves by names signifying Faithists, but changing their belief from the Great Spirit to a God in shape and figure of a man, with attributes like a mortal.

22. And mortals in these countries made images of cherubims and seraphims, having flaming swords; and images of Anubis holding a pair of scales; the same as is made to this day, and called JUSTICE.

23. In addition to these earthly decrees, Anuhasaj, alias the Lord God, made heavenly decrees betwixt his own kingdom and the kingdoms of his Gods. The chief decrees were: That, for the first one hundred years, all angels borne up out of the earth shall fall into their respective divisions, and shall belong as subjects to my Gods, to be appropriated by them in their own way.

24. That after the hundredth year, my Gods shall deliver to me one-tenth of their subjects of the highest grades.

25. De'yus made two hundred laws in reference to the kingdoms of his Gods, as to their boundaries and ornamentation, providing great pageantry and countless numbers of heralds, staff-bearers, musicians, and players of oratory (theatricals), besides innumerable servants and decorators, so that p. 388 the pageantry might be in great splendor.

26. When he had completed these forms and system of government, he sent an invitation to his Gods to again feast with him, that they might ratify his laws and receive them.

27. And it thus came to pass that the laws of De'yus were ratified and accepted by the Gods; and they went away rejoicing, returning to their respective kingdoms, where they fell to work at once to provide themselves in their glory.

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