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Chapter XII

1. WHEN it was known in Hored that God was about to return, Ha'jah put all things in readiness for God's reception.

2. And there volunteered ten thousand musicians and five thousand bearers of banners, one thousand marshals and officers of the throne, and one hundred thousand receivers, to go part way and meet God and his companions.

3. And Ha'jah granted their prayers and they started at once, being the most majestic host that had as yet gone forth in the lower heaven.

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4. And when they were a little way off, behold, God and his ship of fire approached in heavenly splendor. And the marshals met him and laid hold of the han'iv of the ship, whereon all the hosts did in like manner, save the musicians who sang and played.

5. When they drew near and entered Hored, Ha'jah broke down from his high estate, and left the throne, running to meet God as a child would run to its father. And when the multitude saw this, they also broke loose from decorous behavior and gave full vent to their outbursting love for God and his hosts. And all the people became as a tumult in rivalry of rejoicing.

6. In a little while God and Ha'jah turned and walked to the throne, ascending thereon; and Ha'jah took his place, and God sat on his right, and order reigned.

7. Ha'jah said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, I welcome back Thy First Son of earth to the kingdom Thou hast bestowed upon him, and Thy sons and daughters. As much as he hath glorified Thee, by his labor and by his wisdom and love, so do we honor him in Thy name and for Thy glory!

8. God said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, do I return to these, my loves! That I am returned I glorify Thee, O My Father. That Thou hast made them to rejoice, is the glory of my life.

9. And now a great light gathered up around the throne, so that many could not look thereon, and presently the power of Jehovih came upon Ha'jah, and the voice of Jehovih spake through him, saying to God:

10. This is again thy throne, O My Son! Thou shalt finish that which I have put upon thee. Thy people shall learn the manner of my kingdoms, and know that even as I make all, so do I rule over all.

11. Hang up thy traveling garb, My Son; dismiss thy traveling hosts and resume thy seat on the throne, for I gave it thee. The voice departed; Ha'jah rose up and stood aside, and the light fell upon God, and he resumed the throne and was hailed by the multitude in Jehovih's name.

12. God said to Ha'jah: Because thou hast prospered my kingdom during one whole year, thou shalt be my companion and assistant, with power and wisdom to superintend all matters not direct with my Lords.

13. Behold, this day have I set apart as a new day in heaven and earth; because on this day the sun taketh its course from the north line; and from this time forth it shall be called the new year's day. So shall it be, from this time forth, the day of the relief watch in Hored.

14. Hear my voice, O Ha'jah, and ye of the Council of the throne of heaven! That which I commanded shall ye proclaim throughout heaven and earth to all who serve me.

15. Because of the increase of the kingdom of Hored I will have the place enlarged; and the Council shall no longer be called a Council, but Moeb, for it shall be an assembly over all councils below it.

16. And Moeb shall no longer deal with the affairs of individuals, even though they be Lords; but she shall have dominion with the cities and kingdoms of heaven, and with judgments and decrees.

17. But in all matters of less degree, this, my son Ha'jah, shall have dominion. And thou, O Ha'jah, shall build thee a house in Hored, near this throne, and it shall be thy house and the place of thy business.

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