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Chapter XIII

1. SWIFT messengers coursing the heavens, from far-off etherean worlds, bound for destinations remote, passed over the regions of Hored; and the high-raised travelers felt the discordant plots of satan's Lord God and his hosts, thus bent to overthrow the Great Spirit's happy world. And so they sent word of it to Cpenta-armij, through whose fields the great serpent moved along. And her Most High Council, one with the Creator, cast about to know the cause and treatment of the dastardly outrage.

2. Then spake Jehovih to His Daughter, Chieftainess, saying: The Lord God was duly honored in My name, and swore before Me to serve faithfully, forever, by his highest light. Hold thou him to his purpose, and bind him in the world he hath assumed to rule for his own glory. And to his fellow-God, conspirators against Me, Who brought them into being, give thou them full sway to destroy My worshippers. Let them raise the name of their God, and bait mortal kings and queens to glut themselves in the havoc of My chosen, the Faithists.

3. The earth neareth her greatest corporeal growth, and these self-assuming Gods shall build monuments through their mortal emissaries, in the greatest divisions of the earth: Temples, and pyramids, and oracle-palaces, which shall stand thousands of years as testimonies of the audacity of Gods and Saviors. To honor whom, the Lord God hath sworn to make angels and men suppliant slaves in heaven and earth.

4. For I will use the corporeal temples and pyramids they shall build on the earth at the expense of My chosen, as testimony, in coming ages, of the oppression in the hadan-heavenly kingdoms of these self-Gods. Till which time I cannot teach mortals of the vanity of the lower heavens, save in p. 384 the deserted ruins of their moldering monuments.

5. For in kosmon, mortals shall know that even as the earth hath been a place of foolish sacrifice to persons born of woman, so were My heavens debauched in that day by similar oppression and cruelty.

6. Let him who is falsely crowned Osiris, build in the Osirian field, and him who is proclaimed De'yus, build in the hadan field, for the time shall come when these testimonies shall be required in the sum of earth and heaven.

7. For I will show them that without an All Highest Person there is no resurrection for angels or men. Of which they that are slaughtered, ten thousand millions, and bound by the Lord God, shall swear, in kosmon, the fall of all things save Me.

8. Down to the lower heavens, to God in Craoshivi, sent Cpenta-armij swift messengers, with the words of Jehovih, comforting to God and his hosts, as to the wide plans on which the Father lieth the destinies of worlds. And God received them, and now comprehended why, alas, his Diva came not, nor answered his call but by resigning.

9. But God, the true ruler of heaven and earth, now saw how the prosperity of the indulged heaven had made bad men out of most holy Gods, even as prosperity on the earth closeth up man's eyes against his Creator, making him an egotist in self, and vociferous as to Jehovih's shortcomings, according to man's views. And God remembered how he had prayed for the continuation of the light in heaven, which Jehovih granted him; and he repented now, saying:

10. O Jehovih, why said I not: Thy will be done; let darkness come! Had I not seen on the earth how night must follow day, and winter after summer; that I must need pray for endless light in a heaven where Thy sons and daughters are as yet but babes in the time and course of worlds? Mine own judgment should have shown me that spells of darkness should follow seasons of light in Thy lower heavens. For, then, had these half-tried Lords and Gods stopped to consider ere they rushed into so mad a scheme.

11. God called together the Holy Council in Craoshivi, and told them of the words of the Creator, through His High-Raised Daughter. Then the Council spake, all who chose, and the thirty millions listened. And, meanwhile, messengers fresh from Hored, the seat of rebellion, came in, bringing full news to Craoshivi of the proceedings of the Lord God, alias, De'yus, and his self-Gods and Goddesses.

12. When the full particulars had been related, and the Council had spoken upon it, then the light of Jehovih came upon God, and God said:

13. In the name of our Father, I will speak to these Gods and Lords and acquaint them with Jehovih's words. Yea, I will entreat them to return even as they were.

14. Then God, overwhelmed by the terrible adversity of the heavens entrusted to his keeping, as in a small degree the captain of a merchant's ship, far out at sea, meeting with a mishap of broken masts, stript to the bulk, and rudder gone, powerless to save, feeleth the burning shame of incompetence before mariners, so God, before the High-Raised Chiefs of the etherean worlds, must helplessly view his shattered kingdoms.

15. With great sorrow God sent word to De'yus and his Gods, of Jehovih's warning; and he plead for them to return, as a father pleadeth to a wayward son. Off went the messengers swiftly; and God, even though long schooled to adverse trials and suspensions, burned with impatience for his messengers to return, hoping that his sweet pleadings might yet reverse the scenes.

16. Then came back the messengers, empty handed! Not one of the truant Gods had deigned to answer him. And God wept, scarce believing his messengers, that so great an insult could be heaped upon him, who had done nothing whereof any one could complain. Then Jehovih came and spake to God, saying: Weep not, My Son! He who followeth his highest light from day to day, great is his glory; and in whatsoever he loseth he shall regain a thousand-fold. Behold, I will bring love to thee that thou knowest not of: Remember thou, as this season is upon the earth and her heavens, even so do I send a season like unto it upon all My worlds.

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