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Chapter VI

1. THE O-yra, the four angels with their thousands of assistant angel hosts, dwelt on the earth, with the Faithists; inspired them in peace, and rites, and ceremonies; inspired them in prayers, and psalms, and sacred dances; dwelt with them day and night; talked to their spirits when they slept; led them by inspiration to happy marriages, that they might beget offspring capable of the Voice.

2. And in each of the four countries the Faithists became as bands of brothers and sisters. And there came to them from the kings' peoples tens of thousands, and joined them, living as Faithists, casting their wealth into the rab'bah's hands, for the benefit of the poor.

3. In two hundred years there were in Jaffeth three million Faithists. In Arabin'ya there were two million Faithists. In Vind'yu there were four million Faithists. In Guatama there were one million Faithists.

4. But the Faithists were mostly poor people, and inhabited many far-apart regions.

5. But the kings' peoples were rich, p. 375 and had large cities, an abundance of elephants, and horses, and camels, and asses, and cheetahs.

6. The Faithists had little learning as to books and instruments for measuring the stars, and moon, and sun; they derived their knowledge from the angels of the Lords. The Faithists' knowledge pertained mostly to perfecting the soul; but the knowledge of the kings' peoples pertained mostly to earthly matters, and to the gratification of self.

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