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Chapter III

1. IN God's heavenly place, Craoshivi, Jehovih said: For My chosen on the earth, of Abram, and Po, and Brahma, and Eawahtah, provide thou in Craoshivi; for they shall not tarry in the lowest heavens.

2. And for the infants of My chosen, who die in infancy, suffer them not to be engulfed in hada, but bring them also to the place of My God.

3. The Diva then decreed: Lines of roadways from the earth up to the kingdom of God for such transport, and appointed officers and laborers to prevent the spirits of God's chosen from falling into the hands of the drujas, and to bring them to Craoshivi. The Diva said: On the third day after the death of a mortal, his spirit shall be borne to the home of God. And it was so.

4. But as to the heathen, the Diva decreed: The labor of the Lords of all the divisions of hada and of the earth shall be with the undelivered sons and daughters of the earth and her heavens; but in no case shall they labor more with the Faithists; for the Faithists, mortals and spirits, come under the higher law, which is of Jehovih, through His Son, God of Craoshivi. This was the second section of the Divan law.

5. And herefrom rose the saying: The believers go to God, but the unbelievers go to his Lords; they that live the higher law on earth escape hada. And after some years the Diva passed the law, according to the saying, and called it the third section of the Divan law, and it was so promulgated throughout heaven and on earth.

6. Now it came to pass in course of time that some corporeans, who belonged not to the societies of Faithists of any of the tribes of Jehovih's chosen, became believers in the All Person, and that to live by the All Highest light was the fulfillment of the Divan law. And they joined not the Faithists, nor followed the rites and ceremonies.

7. God propounded this in Diva: Where shall the spirits of such be delivered? Behold, even on the earth they have delivered themselves away from the druks; shall we now suffer them to fall into the kingdoms of mixed company in hada?

8. Upon this the Diva decreed: A separate kingdom shall be prepared for them that believe, who have lived isolate, and who know not the rites and ceremonies. This was the fourth section of the Divan law. The fifth was like unto it, but explanatory, which was:

9. To have faith in One Great Person, the Ever Present Spirit, Creator and Ruler, is well; but to have such faith, and yet not committing one's self p. 373 to an association of brethren of like faith, proveth such lack of discipline as requireth beginning at the fifth grade in the es'ean world.

10. The sixth section of the Divan law provided: The name for the kingdom for them that profess faith in the Great Person, Jehovih, but are without practice, shall be called Me-de, and its place shall be in the first remove from the earth.

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