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Chapter XXV

1. THESE, then, were the principal kings of that day: Lanoughl, king of Eboostakagan, a city of tens of thousands, in the valley of Aragaiyistan. Lanoughl was the son of Toogaoogahaha, who was the son of Eviphraiganakukuwonpan, who was the son of Oyoyughstuhaipawehaha, who built the canal (oseowa) of Papaeunugheutowa, which extended from the sea of Hoola'hoola'pan (Lake Superior) to the plains of Aigonquehanelachahoba (Texas), near the sea of Sociapan, where dwelt Heothahoga, king of kings, whose temple was roofed with copper and silver. Of ten thousand boats (canoes) was the canal, extending along, carrying copper and silver from the north regions to the cities of the valley of Hapembapanpan, and to the cities of the mountains of Oaramgallachacha, and to Ghiee, home of Honga the first, the mightiest of red men.

2. Next in power to Lanoughl was Tee-see-gam-ba-o-rakaxax, king of the city of Chusanimbapan, in the plains of Erezehoegammas (Central America), with twelve tributary cities extending along the river Akaistaazachahaustomakmak, to the mountains of Nefsaidawowotchachaeengamma.

3. And the third king in power was Chiawassaibakanaizhoo, of the city of Inuistahahahacromcromahoesuthaha, and to him were tributary seven and twenty cities and their kings.

4. Chiawassaibakanalszhoo was the son of Tenehamgameralhuchsukzhaistomaipowwassaa, who was son of Thusaiganganenosatamakka, who built the great east canal, the Oseowagallaxacola, in the rich valley of Tiedaswonoghassie, and through the land of Seganeogalgalyaluciahomaahomhom *, where dwelt the large men and women, the Ongewahapackaka-ganganecolabazkoaxax.

5. The fourth great king of Guatama was Hoogalomarakkadanapanwowwow, king of the city of Itussakegollahamganseocolabah, which had seventeen tributary cities of tens of thousands of people. And his kingdom extended from sea to sea in the Middle Kingdom (Panama). Here was the temple of Giloff, with a thousand columns of polished mahogany, and with a dome of copper and silver. And within Giloff dwelt the Osheowena, the oracle of the Creator, for two thousand years.

6. The fifth great king was Penambatta, king of the city of Liscararzakyatasagangan, on the High Heogula Ophat (Tennessee), with thirty tributary cities of tens of thousands of inhabitants. Here was situate the school and college of great learning, the Ahazahohoputan, where were taught tens of thousands of students. Penambatta was learned, and had traveled far, devoting his life to imparting knowledge. He had six thousand attendants, besides six hundred and forty officers.

7. The sixth great king was Hoajab, son of Teutsangtusicgammooghsapanpan, founder of the kilns of Wooboohakhak. Hoajab's capital city was Farejonkahomah, with thirty-three tributary cities, of tens of thousands of inhabitants, of the plains of He'gow (South-eastern Ohio).

8. The seventh great king was Hiroughskahogamsoghtabakbak, and his capital city was Hoesughsoosiamcholabengancobanzhohahhah, situate in the plains of Messogowanchoola, and extending eastward to the mountains of Gonzhoowassicmachababdohuyapiasondrythoajaj, including the valleys of the river Onepagassathalalanganchoochoo, even to the sea, Poerthawowitcheothunacalclachaxzhloschistacombia (Lake Erie). Hiro had forty and seven tributary cities of tens of thousands of inhabitants.

9. Betwixt the great kings and their great capitals were a thousand canals, crossing the country in every way, p. 365 from east to west and from north to south, so that the seas of the north were connected with the seas of the south. In kanoos the people traveled and carried the productions of the land in every way. Besides the canals mentioned, there were seven other great canals, named after the kings who built them, and they extended across the plains in many directions, but chiefly east and west.

10. These were: Oosgaloomaigovolobanazhooegollopan, and Halagazhapanpanegoochoo, and Fillioistagovonchobiassoso, and Anetiabolalachooesanggomacoalobonbakkak, and Ehabadangonzhooeportalicha-boggasa-megitcheepapa, and Onepapollagassayamganshuniatedoegonachoogangitiavatoo somchooibalgadgad, and Hachooaolagobwotchachabakaraxexganhammazhooelapanpan.

11. In those days the kings and learned men put their hearts to work building canals and finding places and roadways for them, and herein laid the great glory and honor of man at that time.

12. And God (Gitchee) perceiving the virtue and wisdom of men, sent His angels to teach man the mystery of canal-making; to teach man to compound clay with lime and sand, to hold water; to teach man to find the gau, the level, and the force of water. The angels also taught man to make pots and kettles; to burn the clay in suitable shape; to find copper ore and silver ore, and gold and lead for the floors of the oracle chambers, clean and white shining, suitable for angels.

13. And they taught man how to soften copper like dough; how to harden copper like flint rock, for axes and mattocks for building canals; taught man how to work the ore in the fire and melt it; and how to make lead into sheets, like cloth.

14. Taught man to till the soil and grow wheat and corn; taught the women how to grind it and make bread. Taught the hunters how to slay the lion and the tiger and the mastodon, the HOGAWATHA, THE ROOTING ANIMAL OF WISDOM.

15. Besides all these inhabited regions there lay another country to the far west, fifty days' journey, the land of Goeshallobok, a place of sand and salt, and hot, boiling waters. And this region was a twenty days' journey broad, east and west, and fifty days' journey broad, north and south.

16. In the High North lay the kingdom of Olegalla, the land of giants, the place of yellow rocks and high spouting waters. Olegalla it was who gave away his kingdom, the great city of Powafuchawowitchahavagganeabba, with the four and twenty tributary cities spread along the valley of Anemoosagoochakakfuela; gave his kingdom to his queen Minneganewashaka, with the yellow hair, long, hanging down. And the queen built temples, two hundred and seventy, and two adjacent to the spouting waters, where her people went every morning at sunrise, singing praise to Gitchee, Monihtee, the Creator.

17. South of Olegalla lay the kingdom of Onewagga, around about the sea of Chusamangaobe hassahgana-wowitchee, in the valley of Mauegobah, which is to say, CONSECRATED PLACE OF THE VOICE, a kingdom of forty cities. Here reigned for twenty generations the line of kings called Wineohgushagusha, most holy and wise, full of manliness and strong limbed. On the eastward of the lake lay the Woohootaughnee, the ground of games and tournaments, where came tens of thousands every autumn to exhibit their strength, carrying horses and oxen, and running and leaping, running races with the trained aegamma. And to the strongest and the swiftest, the king gave prizes of handsome damsels, with straight limbs and shapely necks, proud, who loved to be awarded handsome, mighty husbands.

18. Next south lay the kingdom of Himallawowoaganapapa, rich in legends of the people who lived here before the flood; a kingdom of seventy cities and six great canals coursing east and west, and north and south, from the Ghiee Mountain, in the east, to the west mountain, the Yublahahcolaesavaganawakka, the place of the king of bears, the Eeughohabakax (grizzly). And to the south, to the Middle Kingdom, on the deserts of Geobiathaganeganewohwoh, where the rivers empty not into the sea, but sink in the sand, the Sonagallakaxax, creating prickly Thuazhoogallakhoomma, shaped like a pear.


364:* Most likely Lousiana and Mississippi

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