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Chapter XVIII

1. ON the next morning, at sunrise, God spake again to Brahma, saying:

2. Consider the fruit of the earth, and the pasturage in the fields. The male and the female feed on the same grass; the one yieldeth milk, the other is for the yoke; neither can any man change these creations.

3. What man shall say to another: Feed thou on this; or on that? But they take of them that are born in darkness, and raise up priests! The food for the flesh, or even fasting, cannot bring su'is. The air warmeth the earth, and not the earth the air. The spirit enlighteneth the corporeal part, and not the corporeal part the spirit.

4. Light is the freedom of all; to know this is the beginning of wisdom. Nevertheless, without suffering, some that are bound would not know they are bound, or, if knowing, would not desire freedom.

5. At this time, Hog, the youngest born, was greatly moved, whereupon God bade him speak.

6. Hog said: O that I could believe these things! O that I could see! O that I could hear! O the misery of my darkness! O the horrors of the suspense of not knowing a matter! Bitter is my soul, and full of anguish! O the madness of this hour upon me!

7. Wherein, O Wisdom, forgottest Thou the time of my begetting, to let me spring up as an offensive weed in such a garden of paradise!

8. And he bowed his head and wept; and then spake Yu-tiv, his mother, that brought him forth. She said: I perceive Thy light, O Father, but I cannot bear it. Thou didst unlock my members to bring forth these seven Gods! Never woman on the whole earth brought forth so rich a harvest; but yet my soul is tortured to the very centre! O that the light of my soul could be transferred to this God of men! And she also wept.

9. Now spake Sa'it, saying: Next nearest am I to thee, O my sweet brother, Hog. No love lieth so fondly to thee as mine. And as to thee, Yu-tiv, my Goddess mother, thou hast most wisely named me ABUNDANT. For in our love hath Ormazd provided us equal to the highest of Gods. Because I have witnessed that this purest and best of brothers cannot see spiritually, my soul is mellowed toward all the world. Yea, my outstretched arms shall receive the darkest of men, and my soul shall go up in praise of Ormazd forever!

10. Oos spake next; he said: Most wisely am I named SPACE; for it hath pleased Ormazd to show me the breadth of His Creations. What belief or unbelief is there that He hath not provided a glory for it! Because my sweet brother, Hog, has been thus blessed with darkness, he shall be guardian unto me in earthly wisdom all my days. In my faith I know it is well with him; yet in my love I would that he could see as we all see!

11. Then spake Git-un, whose name signified TIME. He said: Behold, I am the fourth born, and, as it were, in the middle. Whose love is so delightfully hedged about as mine! Who so surrounded by the Light of heaven and earth! At one end behold my father, God of men; the very voice of heaven and earth; interpreter of the Creator's words! At the other end, the best, sweetest brother ever created on the earth, with all the wisdom of men p. 355 and angels. O the glory of this hour! O the delight to be with these Gods, and with Yu-tiv, Goddess of women!

12. Then Vus, the second born, spake. He said: Wherein shall I glorify Thee, O Ormazd, and not glorify myself! I am full to overflowing with delight for the love of these, my brothers, and father, very Gods! But for Yu-tiv I have more than love. I perceive through my own sweet mother how the different castes of men are made! O mother, how nearly a righteous woman dwelleth with the Creator!

13. Whe-ish said: To rank one's thoughts and desires ever high; would not this deliver the world? Vede said: To know the truth and ever speak it in love and kindness, would not this deliver the world and establish Ormazd?

14. Now woke Brahma from his trance, and he spake, saying: To find the Father; to know Him; to reveal Him; these are all, and for His glory only.

15. Now again spake God, saying: Wiser than all the rest is Brahma. Who of ye all hath not spoken of himself or herself? Who hath uttered a word of praise or of thanks, and left out self? Judge ye, then, what is required of men that my spirit may find utterance through their lips.

16. Then the Voice departed for that day; and the angel of God appeared in the door, so all save Hog could see him. The angel said: That ye may see the spirits of the intermediate world, come ye at midnight and sit in the sacred circle in the grove of Ebon. We will appear in sar'gis.

17. Hog heard not the angel, but the others told him what the angel said. Accordingly, at midnight they sat in circle in the grove of Ebon.

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