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Chapter X

1. ABRAHAM said: This testimony declare I unto you, whereof witnesses are of your own brethren, that even the chosen of God can be deceived by evil angels; for they can take any name and form; and, having no fear of God before them, declare falsehood for truth and darkness for light.

2. And, as ye have seen, the evilest of cities, even as well as the purest, may be the abiding place of angels.

3. For which reason ye shall not seek signs and miracles, for these may be of evil spirits, even to the showing of their bodies and of conversing learnedly. It is not in the power of man to know by words and signs, or by oaths or promises, what is truth.

4. One thing hath the Father created withal, which is His Own Light. Wherefore be ye believing toward men and angels; and wherein they teach ye according to Jehovih, which is life unto all, and happiness unto all, without sacrifice to any, they are holy.

5. If man or angel say: Visit the sick, and administer to the distressed, follow his advice, for it is of the Father.

6. But if man or angel say: Do thou thus, and thou shalt have profit, or glory, or applause, obey him not, for he adviseth for thyself and not for the brotherhood of men. He is not of God.

7. For spirits will come in disguise of your fathers and mothers who are p. 329b dead, professing love and profit to you. Believe them not, save they teach you to sacrifice self for the good of others.

8. The wicked in heart, having profited in herds, and in gold and silver, say: Behold, God hath blessed me! But I say unto you, they are cursed, and not of God. Hath he here gathered you together because ye were rich? Ye were slaves, and in poverty; sick, and in bondage. And he came and delivered you. Be ye like unto him, and he will abide with you.

9. If a man come, saying: Behold, this is my coat; give it me! Thou shalt say: Prove thyself as to who thou art. But if a man come to thee, saying: Thy herd has gone astray; thou shalt not say to him: Prove thyself as to who thou art. But go thou, and see after thy herd.

10. If a spirit say: Behold, I am thy father, say to him: It is well; what wouldst thou? And when he answereth thee, consider if his words be of God. And if his words be not of God, which are for the glory of the Creator, thou shalt challenge him to prove himself.

11. As God is captain of heaven and earth unto all righteous souls, so is there a satan who is captain over evil spirits.

12. And inasmuch as the kings' peoples have not faith in the Father, their souls fall a prey to satan and his hosts.

13. Let not any man flatter himself, saying: Behold, I have joined the Faithists (Israelites); my soul shall escape hell. For in that day and hour God may be putting him to the test, to see if his heart be for good works and holiness. For as ye profess God, ye are doubly bound to practice godliness in your behavior toward men and angels.

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