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Chapter VIII


1. OUT of the hosts of Parsi'e, who were of the people of Shem, who were since the days of the flood, came Abram, a man chosen by God, in the arcs of Spe-ta and Bon, for the deliverance of the Faithists of Arabin'ya. God said: Because they have not raised up one out of the sons of Ham, thy name shall be, henceforth, Abra-Ham, and it shall be testimony in thousands of years of my records in the libraries of heaven.

2. And it came to pass that forgers and deceivers, not having the fear of Jehovih before them, falsely gave the interpretation of the meaning of the words of Abra and Ham, not knowing (in thousands of years) that in so small a matter He would display the truth and glory of His revealed word.

3. God led Abram away from He-sa, his native place, where he was a maker of baskets, and took him to the ancient land of Ham, which had been destroyed by druks, before the flood, as the name signifieth; whereafter God surnamed him Abraham, and made him chief rab'bah over the Faithists of Arabin'ya.

4. These, then, are the generations of the line whence came Abram, that is to say: Of Shem and the seventy tribes, first going forth beyond the mountains of Owatchab-habal, Tur who settled in Parsi'e, and his descendants Raf-bak, and his descendants Goe, and his descendants Wawa, and his descendants Sadr.

5. In Sadr the line was lost, but through his daughter Bar-bar regained through the I'hins in the land of Goats, where the Listians lived, having fled from the tyranny of the kings of Oas.

6. From Bar-bar was descended Egount, from him Dir, from him Wow-sha, from him He-lial, from him Rac-ca. And here the line ran by female heirs, beginning in Rac-ca's daughter, Hess, from whom was descended Gil-gil, from whom was descended Thussa, from whom was descended She, from whom was descended seven generations in su-is; and it was lost in We-ta-koo, but regained again through I'hin seed, and appeared in Re-both, and again su'-is extended p. 325b through these generations: Arfaxad, Sala, Eber, Peleg, Roo, Sa-rug, Na-hor and Terah; but in Terah the line was lost, but regained by I'hin seed, from whom sprang Geth, from whom sprang Choe, from whom sprang Gus, from whom sprang Ra-bak, from whom sprang Ya-shem, and by I'hin seed sprang Ti-lot, and by I'hin seed Shi-ar, and by I'hin seed Shir-ra, from whom descended Na-hor the second, from whom sprang Abram.

7. Abram was of pure blood, an I'huan; and the light of su-is had been with his forefathers and foremothers since the flood, and he was large and red, like new copper, and had black hair and long beard, fierce to look upon; but his soul was gentle as a woman's.

8. Abram could see without eyes and hear without ears, knowing things by the light of God which dwelt in him. Wherefore God chose Abram to gather together the Faithists in Arabin'ya and the adjacent countries, even as he had appointed Po in Jaffeth.

9. In those days there were great kings and men of great learning, and they had books of learning and instruments for measuring things far and near.

10. And Abram knew these things, for he had been a servant in a king's family where learned men and women congregated. And so, knowing the power of God was upon him, he ran away in his youth, and lived amongst the Listians, who made baskets and trinkets in the forests, which they sold to the king's peoples.

11. God spake to Abram, saying: Fear not for men of learning; neither grieve thou for the learning in books. When they are forgotten, thy words and thy labors will overspread the world.

12. And God lived with Abram, teaching him and working miracles through him. And it came to pass that the Listians in their rambles, selling wares, told the slaves of the kings about the wonders of Abram.

13. And the slaves fled from bondage and went into the wilderness in search of Abram. And when they came before him, he spake unto them, day by day, as they came, saying:

14. Why have ye come? I called you not! And when they could not answer, Abram said unto them: God brought you. Man of himself doeth nothing. Search, then, the records of your generations; for ye are descended from the Faithists of old.

p. 326b

15. And they searched, and found not one had came but was descended from before the time of Zarathustra.

16. Abram said: Think not that God cometh to one man alone; when he provideth a voice he also provideth ears and hearts. Because ye have been faithful unto him, he calleth you to deliverance from your enemies, who are God's enemies also.

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