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p. 323b

Chapter VII

1. HI Seiang became converted to the doctrines of Po as taught by God, who was called Te-in in those days in that country.

2. Ah Sin and Hi Seiang and Tse Gow entered into compact to throw off the dominion of Han, and so notified him. Han therepon declared war against them. And he pursued them cruelly, laying waste a great country.

3. Po and his followers were thus driven toward the south; and on their way they gathered up the Faithists of the tribes of He-ah.

4. Now it came to pass that Han's success in war was so great that he concentrated not his armies, but caused them to scatter in different ways. And behold, he went so far that the barbarians fell upon his armies and destroyed them. And Han himself perished by the blow of a barbarian woman.

5. In the fourth year of the inspiration of Po, he returned and possessed the countries of Feh, Heng'a Di and Se Lov, and he reinstated Ah Sin and Hi Seiang as governors.

6. Hi Seiang called a council of thirteen kingdoms of Jaffeth, and after seventy days' deliberation Hi Seiang was made ruler over Jaffeth, receiving the title, KING OF THE SUN.

7. And he established the doctrines of Po by law, changing the name of All Light, to Te-in, signifying God. And he stopped all persecution against the Faithists; and he prohibited idol worship.

8. And Po traveled east and west, north and south; teaching and displaying miraculous things. And God was with him at all times and places.

9. Gathering together the chosen; explaining and practicing the commaments of God (Te-in).

10. And man ceased to worship all idols and Gods and saviors; worshipping the Creator only.


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