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Chapter V

1. THE wise shall rule over the foolish, but to raise them up.

2. The rich shall apportion their riches for the benefit of the city.

3. The poor shall reverence the rich and take counsel from them.

4. Behold, I have given many gifts unto my people: the woman to give suck; the very strong man to carry burdens; the wise man to oversee the city; the learned man to explain the ancients; the prophet to hear my voice; the magician to hear the voice of angels; the physician to heal the sick; every several one gave I good gifts.

5. Thou shalt not covet another man's gifts, but be wise in discovering thine own, and using them for the benefit of the city.

6. Neither shalt thou covet another man's riches, nor anything that is his. What more is a rich man than a watch-dog? Behold, it is his matter, whether he fulfilleth my commandments.

7. According to every man's gifts do I require of him, as to what he can do for the people of his city.

8. To the poor man, my exactions p. 320b are lighter than a straw on a camel's back.

9. For the ignorant man, and for the very young child, I provided the wise and rich as Gods to raise them up. As they minister unto them, so do I bless them for their labor.

10. What they do corporeally for the resurrection of those beneath them, so do I answer them in spirit in my resurrections in the heavens.

11. Thou shalt not marry but once; neither shalt thou look after any other partner all the days of thy life.

12. The husband shall be the master of the house; but when he is not present, the wife shall be master.

13. Seven castes have I made for my chosen: The first are the prophets; the second, such as have the highest geneology; the third, the rab'bahs and priests; the fourth, the nuns (spe-e-su); the fifth, physicians; the sixth, the rich; and seventh, the very poor.

14. Each and every caste shall remain by itself; all of them are worthy before me, and are equally my children.

15. Thou shalt not kill, for food to eat, anything that breathes the breath of life.

16. Thou shalt love to search for thy Creator in all things on the earth, in the earth, in the waters, and in the air above the earth.

17. Thou shalt love to search for all that is good in thy neighbor; but to excuse all the evil that is in him.

18. Thou shalt keep the sacred days of thy God, and cause all thy people to rejoice in the delightful creations of thy Creator.

19. Thou shalt obey the prophet of thy God; and be obedient to the father (rab'bah) of the city. Next to these, thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother, and pay reverence to thy grandfather and grandmother.

20. In the house (temple) of thy God, remember that all men are alike; for even as death layeth the high and the low alike, so stand my people in the house I have built.

21. Thou shalt respect the opinions of all men; for even thyself may be in error.

22. Thou shalt speak but little of thyself or anything that is thine; for all others have a history also.

23. Thou shalt make thyself compatible unto others in all righteousness.

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