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Chapter XII

1. CPENTA-ARMIJ said: Who can understand Thy models, O Jehovih! Who cannot understand Thy models, O Jehovih! Thou hast shown to mortals the food of the flesh, and the source of the substance of the blood. As a symbol before them of Thy es'sean worlds and Thy es'sean peoples, Thou hast created Thy corporean members; to receive and to impart, but this is not all. Thou createdst poison, to show man that that which receiveth not, and imparteth not, is death.

2. Most wisely, O Father, hast Thou provided the degrees of subsistence unto all Thy creations: To the corporean, corporeal food; to the atmospherean, atmospheric food; to the etherean, ethe'ic food. Wide will I spread my tables, O Jehovih. Thy Gods and Goddesses, and Thy high-raised Chieftains, shall sit at the Feast of Spe-ta.

3. The Chieftainess sent swift messengers into the regions of etherean worlds, near the Roadway of the Great Serpent, five hundred thousand swift messengers. Down to the atmospherean regions she sent messengers to the Gods and Lords, her laborers, ten thousand messengers. To her invited guests she privileged each one million attendants.

4. Next Cpenta-armij sent fifty thousand arrow-ship makers in the regions of Cventagma, in the etherean Itis, to prepare ceremonial salvers and connecting rods, so that all the thousands of millions, being united, could hear the Voice of Jehovih from her throne, movable, in her airavagna. Twelve counterparts to these she sent down to the lowest heavenly regions, so the All Light should pierce the corporeal earth.

5. And now, when her well-skilled workmen, of tens of thousands of years' experience, had saluted and gone off to their respective labors, the Chieftainess spake before the Council, saying: Because of my arc upon the earth and her heavens, the Light of our Father will forever remain with mortals p. 348a and in the hadan fields. But, behold, even as a young man, coming to maturity, goeth away on his own account, in great hope and self-conceit of his powers, to meet many misfortunes and great darkness, so will it be with the earth and her heavens after Spe-ta. Because I plant my arc in these heavens, and say to the Gods thereof, Ye are free! Behold, there shall rise numerous false Gods of great power. And as a young man going forth is puffed up with conceit, so will the atmospherean Gods believe they know all things, and so bring great darkness and misery upon their kingdoms and upon themselves.

6. But the Light of my arc shall stand; shall grow like a small seed planted; and in time to come, both angels and mortals shall understand that there is but ONE ALL LIGHT, a very center, to Whom all Gods are but as small diadems. As a young man of the earth must have experience of his own to realize his own shortness, so must even the Gods of these lower heavens be left to run with a loose rein, for the glory of Jehovih, and for themselves in final deliverance. For which reason, hereafter, the bondage of the discipline of the God and his Lords shall be as nothing. Only hells and knots shall they longer cast out with fire and water; only by persuasion, and the example of practice, shall they hold dominion in their respective places.

7. As in the early days, a king ruleth with a rod and with tyrannous laws; and as, in a riper age, the king and his armies give way to a power vested in the people, so shall my arc be the giving of the lower heavens, and the earth beneath, into the keeping of themselves. But my arc, which is the foundation of the Father's upper kingdoms within the lower heavens, shall stand forever.

8. I go, now, on my journey down to the earth, in my airavagna, to receive and deliver my four Gods, Os, and Vishnu, and Yima, and Ela-elia, God in Chief.

9. Thus saying, Cpenta-armij descended to the foot of Jehovih's throne, and the light fell upon Thale, and he rose up from the throne and descended, taking her hand, saying: Arise, O Goddess, and hear thou the Voice of thy Father, Creator and Ruler! Behold, thy labor on the earth and her heavens is near the end; and because of thy steadfastness, I am honored in thee, My Daughter.

10. Whilst thou art delivering My Gods, behold, I will be with thee, and whatsoever thou desireth of Me I will p. 349a give unto thee. My Sons and Daughters shall receive the visiting hosts from the high heavens, and allot them places in the feast; and My Sons and Daughters shall receive and adorn My Brides and Bridegrooms; and My trumpeters shall proclaim Me in My works, from the surface of the earth to the farthest places in Salkwatka. Yea, My Light-makers shall plant the staff of My holy fire in the throne of Craoshivi, and the foot thereof shall pierce the earth in the land of Vind'yu, to receive and deliver My earth Son, Brahma.

11. Go thou, O Chieftainess, Holy one, of Great Wisdom and Power; it is the Voice of thy Father!

12. Cpenta-armij stood aside, and then said: To ye, my beloved companions, Owks, and See-wah-Gon, and Ha-o-ha, when the staff of the Father's light hath descended to the earth, come ye then to me quickly in my arrow-ship of fire, for it shall be a signal betwixt us that in that hour I will raise up my Gods from the corporeal earth; and I will open the earth and bring forth the bodies of my son, Brahma, and his wife, Yu-tiv, whose youngest son holdeth the leaven of the Osirian law. And I will have there assembled the hosts of my ten Lords, and I will deliver into their hands, for their successors, the fulfillment of the Divan laws.

13. Her companions responded: In Jehovih's wisdom and power, we will be there.

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