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Chapter XI

1. IN the Council of Craoshivi the Voice of Jehovih came to Cpenta-armij, saying: Behold, the time of thy sun and stars riseth in the Road of Salkwatka. The red star neareth the fields of Abarom; Great Oteson hath filled the sinks and slues of Yosawakak; thousands of millions of My Sons and Daughters behold the Feast of Spe-ta.

2. Hear thou thy Creator, O Cpenta-armij! For thou shalt spread broad the table of My hosts; such like as hath never been before in Haot-saiti. And thou shalt send Obed, God of Oise; Gavaini, Goddess of Ipthor; Ab, Shriever of Riv-Seing; Raisi, Goddess of Esdras; Wish-tse, God of Zuth; p. 345a Harava, God of Yon-yon; Vraga-piet, Goddess of Zoe; and Loo-chung, God of Ata-bonaswitchahaha. And thou shalt send for the Gods and Goddesses of the Plains of Cnoe-Chang; and for the Gods and Goddesses of the Chi-ha-wogo Roads; and for all the Gods and Goddesses in their own Nirvanian fields; and for the Great Chief, Shoo-lo, of the Roads of Jinihassij, and for all the Gods and Goddesses in his dominions in My etherean worlds.

3. And yet thou shalt remember of thine own knowledge many Gods and Goddesses; and thou shalt charge thy companions, Owks, and See-wah-Gon, and Ha-o-ha, to sit in Council with thee, that ye may remember whomsoever of Chiefs and Chieftainesses, of Shrievers and Gods and Goddesses, that may be delightful:

4. And thou shalt command them in My name to meet in the Feast of Spe-ta, for it is the first in this, My new world. Make way for them; make place for them, O My Daughter! Make wide the roadways in My lower heaven; make My Holy Feast glorious.

5. Cpenta-armij said: Too wide are the dans of earth; too far apart and cumbersome, O Father! More than two thousand millions and four thousand millions will be my harvest unto Thee, O Jehovih! Great is Thy wisdom in Spe-ta; the time for the beginning of quarter ascensions, fifty years.

6. Thy Gods and Goddesses, O Jehovih, and Thy Chiefs and Chieftainesses, will bind up these loose heavens into wholesome discipline. I will send my swift messengers into Thy far-off etherean worlds, and bring Thy Sons and Daughters to Thy Feast.

7. Cpenta-armij sent off into the wide heavens, high beyond the earth heavens, invitations to tens of thousands of high-raised Sons and Daughters of the Great Spirit. Then she called her surveyors and table-makers before Jehovih's throne, and said unto them:

8. The end of dawn is near at hand; I will give a feast, a very great feast. Go ye and survey the ground from Craoshivi to the Lakes of Oochi-loo, in etherea, and for the length thereof make ye a width in the form of Fete; and the road of the Fete shall be sufficient for the passage of twelve avalanzas abreast; and the depth of the Fete shall be as from the surface of the earth unto Chinvat. Within twelve sios of Abarom, and of the height of the circuit of Bilothowitchieun shall ye carry the border flames; and the flames shall be of double currents, going and coming, that the food of the feast may be p. 346a brought from any region suited to the high-raised grades.

9. And the arc of the feast shall encompass the whole earth, and extend outward to the belt of Craoshivi, and then downward in two lines, east and west; and the downward lines shall be like the feet of a compass, one stationary and the other movable. And the light that extendeth from the arc down the movable line shall rest on the delivered hosts of Abram, and it shall bear upon his people, that they may hereafter draw Light direct from the Father's throne in Craoshivi; and it shall move westward and be as an inheritance of Jehovih's light upon His corporeal sons and daughters.

10. But the line that standeth in the east shall be a base line and centre, whither shall descend the Father's light upon the delivered sons and daughters of the hosts of Brahma and Po. And because of the arc of Spe-ta upon them, they shall remain in their own divisions of the earth.

11. And for the deliverance of the harvests of the quarter, the high-raised horns of the arc shall stand to the four quarters, east, west, north and south.

12. Jehovih then spake through Cpenta-armij, saying: For I will illume the horns thereof, and My new world, the earth and her heavens, shall rest in the light of My Roads forever. That no man, having My examples before him, can misunderstand Me.

13. Behold, it is given to a child, only one lesson a day; and to a youth, two lessons a day; and to a mature man, many lessons a day; so, in the early creation of man, I give few lessons; then in the youthful age of the race, many more lessons; but when the race hath attained to full manhood, behold, I lay My light at their feet, that they may take My lessons every day.

14. In one time I send the angels of the dead to lead man up to a knowledge of Me and My places; but when man hath attained to think for himself, I set up my arc of Spe-ta; and it is as a candle in the firmament of heaven, wherefrom My Light falleth upon the soul of My people, without any interpreter, save Mine Own Voice.

15. For which reason, when one of My worlds hath attained to Spe-ta, I come to deliver them from kings, and queens, and priests, and angels, and it is as the maturity of a son in his father's house, when he inviteth his neighbors and spreadeth a feast.

p. 347a

16. Open wide thy places, O Cpenta-armij! A great joy is upon My etherean worlds; My high-raised Sons and Daughters shall have great glory in the earth and her heavens. Behold, I have proclaimed Myself in the words of mortals; four high-raised sons have learned to know their Father in heaven.

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