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Chapter X

1. THE Lords and Lordesses gave not much labor to Cpenta-armij; for they had long been high-raised Gods and Goddesses in other worlds, and p. 343a knew their parts well. But to each heavenly place Cpenta-armij sent her heralds in advance, and the Lords and Lordesses in turn sent receiving escorts to meet the airavagna. And when the Chieftainess arrived, she was asked in the usual manner to honor the throne, and she thus sat on all the thrones, ruling in very person, and in her presence the Voice of Jehovih spake in the Light before the assembled COUNCIL OF THE HOSTS, and it was thus fulfilled in the ARC OF SPE-TA that the Voice had circumscribed the whole earth.

2. And when Cpenta-armij was about to depart from each heavenly place, she always descended to the foot of the throne of the Lord, and sat thereon; and the Lord went down and took her hand, saying: Arise, O Goddess, and go thy way; the Father calleth thee! And then would she arise and depart to another Lord or Lordess, in like manner.

3. Cpenta-armij took with her three thousand angel scribes and recorders; three thousand angel artists; three thousand angel geologists and mineralogists, besides many others; whose trade was to make reports of the lands of the earth, and the waters of the earth, and the air above the earth, with pictures thereof.

4. Jehovih had said to Cpenta-armij: Thou shalt make reports of the land and water and air of the earth; and of all the living thereon and therein, with pictures thereof; two copies shalt thou make; and when the end of dawn is come, thou shalt take the two copies with thee in thy ascension to My etherean worlds. One copy shalt thou put on record in the library of Haot-saiti, and the other copy shalt thou send to the Hyperiis Council of the United Chiefs and Chieftainesses, for their own deliberation.

5. For the Hyperiis Council shall determine from this, thy report, what is good for the earth; as to whether she shall be changed in her course, or broken up and divided; or whether she needeth a'ji or dan; and they shall send out road-makers to that end, or send vortices against her vortex, to break it or rule over it, according to My light upon them.

6. Besides these, Cpenta-armij had a thousand recorders, whose business it was to prepare reports of the Lords' kingdoms, and of the factories, colleges, nurseries, hospitals, the hells, if any, and knots, if any; to record the grade and number of spirits in each heavenly place; to record the earthly kingdoms, and kings and queens and their subjects, their occupations and p. 344a grades, and their rate of corporeal life age. To record the percentage of familiar spirits with mortals; the fetals, the drujas; as well as the ashars and asaphs; and the temples and oracles in use by mortals; the altars and places of worship. To record the number of I'hins still inhabiting the earth; the number of pure I'huans, who worshipped only one Great Spirit; the druk order, who always have idols or saviors, and are given to war.

7. One full moon of four quarters remained Cpenta-armij with each one of the Lords of the earth; and then she departed, going into all the habitable places on the earth, and in the heavens that rested on the earth. In ten moons she had completed her labor with the Lords of the first resurrection; had witnessed the manner in which the Lords sent away the upraised to Craoshivi, to enter the second resurrection. And her scribes and recorders had completed their labor also.

8. And now the Chieftainess sent her airavagna back to Craoshivi, with her visitors, Owks, See-wah-Gon and Ha-o-ha. But for herself she had a piedmazr build; and, taking ten thousand attendants, besides the workers of the boat, she descended on to the very earth, to visit the four Gods, in the four great divisions of the earth; with Wah-tah; with Brahma, with Abram, and with Po. With each of these she spent twelve days, and then she departed and went to Maitraias, the heavenly place, the only Lord-dom of the earth, where ruled Yug-sae-su, with thirty millions. Here she remained twelve days also; and the inhabitants gave a tournament and festival.

9. After this Cpenta-armij departed for Craoshivi, for the end of dawn was near at hand.

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