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Chapter IX

1. IN the third year of dawn Jehovih spake to Cpenta-armij, saying: Gather together the officers of thy traveling hosts, and take with thee thy companions, and go visit all the Lords and Lordesses of the earth, of thy appointing. And let thy recorders make their accounts of the affairs of the earth and her heavenly kingdoms, that they may be taken to, and entered in, the libraries of the Nirvanian kingdoms.

2. Also shalt thou set thy collectors of Brides and Bridegrooms to work in Craoshivi; and give to thy collectors otevans, that they may also visit thy Lords' kingdoms and collect all the angels prepared for the next resurrection, and bring them to Craoshivi, where they shall be classified. For in the coming resurrection thou shalt provide twelve avalanzas, and those who are raised to the etherean heavens thou shalt cause to be divided according to their grade and rate, and have them delivered into regions suitable to their advancement.

3. During the time prior to this, the Lords had contributed largely to Craoshivi, and already there were upward of twenty thousand million angels capable of taking the third resurrection. The departure of Cpenta-armij on this visit was important, for it involved the selection of the next succeeding God of earth and heaven, who should sit on the throne during her absence. At this time, the reigning God was with Brahma on the earth. To him Cpenta-armij sent messengers, acquainting him with the commandments of Jehovih.

4. God answered through his messengers, saying: Greeting, in the name of Jehovih, to Cpenta-armij, His Daughter, Chieftainess! The reigning p. 340a God deputeth thee, O Goddess, to make the selection in his stead, to be crowned at the termination of dawn. And now, accordingly, Cpenta-armij sent forth her examiners, to search after the highest, best, most learned of all that had been raised up of the earth, capable of the God-head. For sixty days her examiners were at work, and on the sixtieth day, in the evening, they had completed the search. And it fell upon Thale of Peola, of corporeal birth, five thousand years.

5. Thale, a tiller of the soil in corpor, born in spirit in Yueson, ninety years; five years in es'yan; thirty years in factories; in the nurseries, ninety years; in the colleges, one hundred and eighty years; projector, seventy years; surveyor, sixty-five years; measurer, two hundred years; entered an etherean airavagna, and traveled seven hundred years; returned to the lower heavens of the earth and was Lord in six successions for each of the chief earth divisions twelve hundred years; was called by Onavissa, Goddess of Ni-ya-ag-ag-ha to clear the roads of Chenshaya, beyond Chinvat, where he labored six hundred years. Returned again to the earth and her heavens, and served as captain and general four hundred years; served as marshal seven hundred years, under four different Gods and Lords; and the balance of the time traveled as messenger and swift messenger. Of the rates in a thousand, he was nine hundred and ninety-nine. And he knew the whole earth and her capabilities; could read a thousand million voices at the same time, and interpret them and answer them, and had even created plateaux. He knew the atmospherean heavens, habitable and uninhabitable; the roadways; the oceans and nebulous regions; knew the ascending and descending ethe; knew the power in the different rings of the earth's vortex; knew the c-vork-um, and its times and places.

6. Cpenta-armij sent a delegation of one million angels to wait on Thale and bring him before the throne at Craoshivi, sending them in their private otevan, and under the guardianship of her chief marshal, with this commandment:

7. Thale, of Peola, greeting to thee, in the name of Jehovih, Who commandeth thy immediate presence at the throne in Craoshivi. Of all the honored in these heavens, thou standest first on the list, and art appointed by our Father the next succeeding God, through His Daughter, Chieftainess of Haotsaiti. In my p. 341a stead thou shalt sit on the throne whilst I complete my labor in dawn; after which thou shalt be crowned, of the earth and her heavens, Jehovih's God!

8. Cpenta-armij knew Thale, for he had sojourned in Otsias, in etherea, three hundred years, where she had been Surveyor ten thousand years. So when he came before Jehovih's throne, Cpenta-armij was rejoiced to meet him in person; nevertheless, she first saluted in rank, saying:

9. My brother, welcome in the Father's name, and joy be unto thee. Jehovih hath called thee to this throne; thou shalt be one of the pillars of His everlasting temples. What I put upon thee in the Father's name, thou shalt consider from Him.

10. Thale said: Before Thee, O Jehovih, I bow to Thy decrees, which come through Thy High-Raised Daughter, Chieftainess of Haot-saiti. I accept whatsoever is given me to do, that will raise up man to rejoice in his creation. By virtue of Thy power in me, O Jehovih, I know I shall not fail. May Thy Light be upon me!

11. Cpenta-armij now raised the light to the highest atmospherean grade, and said unto Thale: Approach Jehovih's throne, O my brother, and hold up thy hands toward High Noon, as the symbol of the highest light, for as the sun is to the earth and atmospherea, so is Jehovih to the soul of man and to the etherean worlds.

12. Thale stepped on the foot of the throne, and the marshal stood at his side. The whole Council were seated, and sweet music rose from the es'enaurs, and added to the solemn scene. Thale then faced the place of High Noon in the temple and held up his hands, saying: I am in Thy Will, O Father!

13. Jehovih spake in the light over Cpenta-armij's head, saying: Thale, My Son, Thou art My God, and thou shalt have dominion over the earth and her heavens for two hundred years. Whatsoever thou shalt do shall be of Me and My doing. Thy word shall be My word; thy labor My labor. And thou shalt have Lords and kingdoms, and all manner of heavenly places; and all of them shall be My places through thee.

14. And at the expiration of thy service, thou shalt raise up a successor to thee, who shall be worthy of thee and Me. And he shall likewise have dominion in Me and in My places; and likewise raise up a successor to come after him, and so on until the next dawn of dan. Be thou joyful in dominion; My worlds are places of p. 342a delight, and mirth, and peace, and love, and righteousness, and good works.

15. The Voice ceased, and then Cpenta-Armij spake on her own account, saying: He who will crown thee will come at the end of dawn; till then thou shalt hold dominion in the RED HAT in remembrance of the FEAST OF LIONS. Approach the Judgment Seat, my brother, and I will give to thee in Jehovih's name. With that, Cpenta-armij gathered from the colored rays of light a substance light as ethe, and made a red hat and put it on Thale's head, saying: Sit on the throne in remembrance of the FEAST OF LIONS, that I may be honored of thee, and rejoice before my hosts.

16. Thale then sat down on the throne, and the Council proclaimed in the sign, LION'S DEATH! Thale answered in the sign, DOMINION OF THE LAMB! Thereupon Cpenta-armij said: Council of Jehovih, hear my voice. A new God have I raised up unto my labor. And thou, O God, hear my voice. A new dominion have I given into thy keeping.

17. For one year I shall now visit my Lords and Lordesses in the first plateaux of the earth, for it is a part of my labor for the Father. And when I shall have finished with them, I shall return to my present reigning God of the earth, who is with Brahma, and I will deliver him and Brahma, and return again to this kingdom, whence the etherean resurrection will take place.

18. Provide ye accordingly in all things, even as I would were I here; and number the Brides and Bridegrooms one hundred and sixty days in advance, and send swift messengers to etherea, to the Nirvanian fields and forests in Chan-us-hoag, and thence through Salkwatka to Haot-saiti, in the etherean Abarom, finding six regions, suitable for grades from sixty to ninety. And ye shall send greeting to my sister, Chue-in-ista, Goddess of Oambuyu, asking her to deliver us.

19. Thus saying, Cpenta-armij, and Owks, and See-wah-Gon, and Ha-o-ha took leave, and in their own proper way departed out of Craoshivi, and in the airavagna descended to the lowest plateau, and so visited the Lords of the lower kingdoms.

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