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Chapter VIII

1. WHEN they were assembled for the resurrection, the thousands of millions, Cpenta-armij went and stood at the right hand of Ahura, and next to her stood Owks; and on the left hand stood See-wah-Gon and Ha-o-ha, and the Voice of Jehovih fell upon Ahura, saying: Extend My lines to the four corners of the world; give into My labor the highest grades.

2. Accordingly, the marshals drew p. 337a the line on the plateau, and the hosts of etherea stood equally toward every corner, arranged in phalanxes of ten millions each; each having the form of a quarter of a circle; leaving the lines of power from centre to circumference, and the distance thereof was equal to the width of Vind'yu on the corporeal earth. And the centre of the plateau was high raised, so that Ahura stood on the highest place, which laid near the CAPITAL OF THE COUNCIL.

3. Now it so happened that the jealous Anuhasaj stood twelfth on the east line, being the thirteenth from Ahura's left hand. Cpenta-armij said to Ahura: Behold, the line is shattered. Ahura said: I feel nothing; how sayest Thou, The line is shattered? She answered him, saying: He who doeth Jehovih's work must deal as Jehovih dealeth. Only those who are in concert with thee must labor with thee. Otherwise thy best endeavors will be thwarted. Ahura said:

4. O thou far-perceiving Goddess! In my much love and sympathy I admitted Anuhasaj to the lines. He hath been my best friend. Cpenta-armij said: Thou shalt know but One Friend, Jehovih.

5. Ahura perceived, and he now felt the shattered place, and he sent his chief marshal to Anuhasaj to bring him from the rank. And when Anuhasaj was before Ahura, the latter said unto him: Because thou servest thyself, thou shalt not stand in line; behold, there is but ONE to serve, even Jehovih. Anuhasaj said: A joy upon thee and thy scheme. Because thou art powerless, thou hast singled me out as an excuse before these Gods and Goddesses!

6. Ahura made no answer, but spake before Jehovih, saying: Give me strength for Thy Children's sake, O Father! Behold, I have cut loose the foundations of Ailkin; with high-extending cords I have bound her to Vara-pishanaha. By virtue of Thy power in me I will raise her up. In Thy name, let my hosts in will command: ARISE! UPWARD! ONWARD! O AILKIN! ARISE, UPWARD, ONWARD, O AILKIN! ARISE, UPWARD, ONWARD, O AILKIN!

7. With the third enunciation, which came from the thousands of millions in concert, behold, the plateau moved from her foundation; turned a little, then slowly, upward arose. Loud shouted all the inhabitants of that heaven; with their own universal will the Great Spirit stretched forth His hand and raised up the heavenly continent. Even as with His hand He p. 338a toucheth a corporeal continent and sendeth it beneath the ocean, so raiseth He His heavenly places toward His emancipated worlds. Yea, because of His Spirit upon His people, they desire it risen; with them and Him, ALL IS ONE.

8. And now, the Gods, with unbroken will, held their places as it were a day for the corporeal earth, and not a God or Goddess from the single purpose in thought strayed a moment of time and no distracting thought intervening; for such is the will and mastery of Gods over their own thoughts. Even then, to keep up the concerted force joyously, those who had the drujas in charge sat the games and tournaments going, with racing and music, such as should leave not one idle moment for all the hosts of Ailkin, nearly five thousand millions.

9. Upward and onward rose the great plateau, making straight course for Vara-pishanaha. Ahura stood in the eyes of the unlearned populace as the greatest and most masterly of all the Gods. One alone, even Anuhasaj, stood a while transfixed with disappointment and chagrin, even hoping some mishap to Jehovih's proceedings. And finally, he went wandering about, sore and out of sorts with all righteousness. Thus was raised the heavenly place, and no longer called Ailkin, but Vara-pishanaha, home of Ahura and his hosts. And now, when they were securely established in the place, and the Gods and Goddesses broke from line, they all came greeting to Ahura. And, even in the same moment of time, a messenger came from God, who was with Brahma on the corporeal earth, bringing to Cpenta-armij the following commandment, by proxy, to wit:

11. In Jehovih's name, give thou a throne and crown to Ahura for Me, and in My name. I promised him thus!

12. The light came upon Cpenta-armij, and Jehovih spake through her, saying: Behold the work of My hand, O Ahura, My Son! In the substance of heaven fashion I thee a throne and high-raised capital. And with Mine own hands weave thee a crown. From this time forth thou shalt be My God, and I will abide with thee.

13. Whilst the words were being spoken, the throne rose up before Cpenta-armij's hand, and a high-raised capital came and stood over and about the throne. And there descended from the heavens above bows of light and color, which in Cpenta-armij's fingers were shaped and woven into a crown which alighted on Ahura's head. And there went up from the hosts a universal p. 339a shout of praise and thanksgiving. Then broke in the trumpeters, seven millions, and after they prayed a while, the es'enaurs chanted, THE CONCERTED HOSTS OF JEHOVIH!

14. Thus was founded Jehovih's heavenly kingdom, Vara-pishanaha; thus established Ahura his dominions where rebellion and seccession were cut off forever. And Cpenta-armij gave to Ahura a thousand messengers, and opened a roadway to Craoshivi. Ahura ascended his throne, and the Gods and Goddesses saluted him, GOD OF VARA-PISHANAHA, and they and their attendants departed to their several places.

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