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Chapter VI

1. IN the beginning of the second year of Cpenta-armij in Craoshivi, messengers came before Jehovih's throne, saluting, and greeting from Ctusk, who now lived under the name, Ahura, and submitted the following communication, to wit:

2. Ctusk, who hath become Ahura, a servant of Jehovih, and is now God of Ailkin by just judgment of Jehovih, desireth audience with the Most High-Raised Cpenta-armij, Daughter of the Great Spirit.

3. To this Cpenta-armij answered: Greeting, in love to my brother, Ahura. By the Grace and Power of Jehovih, come and see me, bringing thy attendants. Now, after the lapse of a few days, Ahura came to Craoshivi, attended by one million, escorted p. 331a by music, and proclaimed according to the discipline of the higher heavens, with heralds and trumpeters. And Cpenta-armij's hosts received Ahura and conducted him and his hosts within the capital chamber; and Ahura went before Jehovih's throne, saluting on the sign, SECOND PLATEAU, and Cpenta-armij answered in NIRVANIAN ROAD, SALKWATKA. She said:

4. In the name of the Great Spirit, Whose Daughter I am, I welcome thee in love and high esteem. I know all thy past record, and do look upon thee as the foundation of one of Jehovih's brightest suns. Long have I desired that thou shouldst petition to come to see me; and much desired I to see thee and greet thee in the Father's name.

5. Ahura said: O thou Most High Chieftainess, of hundreds of thousands of years, how can I stand before thee? I know thou hast seen many truants in thy day, and watched their course thousands of years. Thou canst see before me all that awaiteth me and mine; the past and the future are as an open book before thee. That I have stood before thee and looked upon thee, I am blessed above all things since the day of my birth.

6. Behold, the hand of the Great Spirit hath appeared before me; I comprehend the only road that leadeth on to everlasting resurrections; I know that the ONE ALL PERSON must ever stand as the key-note for angels and mortals. Without Him, a man is as a ship without a rudder; the seas around about him drive him to ruin in the end. Blessed is he who hath had the experience of this in an early day of his life. Nervous and full of fear is he who hath been tried two thousand years!

7. Then spake Cpenta-armij, saying: I perceive thy desires, O Ahura! I understand why thou art before me. Thy wisdom is great indeed. Thou perceivest that thy plateau is in the second removal from the earth. Thou fearest that some of thy hosts will forsake Jehovih, and usurp kingdoms of their own, even as thou didst in time past. Thou desirest me to raise thy plateau farther away from the corporeal earth.

8. Ahura said: If it be Jehovih's will, even for this purpose am I come before thee!

9. Now came a great light, bright, like a sun, and settled over the throne, enveloping the Goddess, Cpenta-armij, and Jehovih's Voice spake out of the light to Ahura, saying:

10. My Son, My Son, why hast thou p. 332a so little faith! Behold, I am with thee even as with this, My Daughter. All thou lackest is faith. Go thou back to thy plateau and raise thou it thyself. My Daughter shall come to thee, and show thee, and thou shalt not fail. To have faith in Me is to be one with Me; to lack faith in Me is to be far removed from Me.

11. Ahura said: O Jehovih, teach Thou me how to begin to have faith. To find the beginning, there is my stumbling block!

12. Jehovih said: By trying Me, there is the beginning. By learning to know thine own power in Me; and to know My power in thee; this is the sum of all power and wisdom. By the lack of faith in Me, man setteth up himself; by the lack of faith in Me, the self-assuming Gods build kingdoms for themselves.

13. The failure of man is proof of My power; the failure of all kingdoms is proof of the lack of faith in Me, whereby My power is manifested over them. First, after the abjuring of self, cometh the constant manifestation of power through faith, the example of which holdeth the multitude to Me and My works.

14. Inasmuch as thou hast suffered fear in thy soul for a relapse in thy kingdom, thou hast opened the door for disaster. Have I not proved this on earth?--wherein the faith of a captain leadeth his soldiers on a victory, and his lack of faith breaketh them down in weakness. Think not, O Ahura, that My examples are less with My Gods.

15. If, therefore, My Daughter should come to thy kingdom and raise it up, behold, she would lessen thy hosts' faith in thee. For which reason thou shalt return to Ailkin, and proclaim to thy people that thou wilt raise thy plateau. And though millions of them will consider it vanity, and beyond thy power, behold, I will provide unto thee that thou shalt not fail.

16. Ahura said: I perceive Thy Wisdom, O Jehovih! That which Thou hast put upon me, I know I shall accomplish through Thee. The Voice departed, and Cpenta-armij spake on her own account, saying: Thou shalt proclaim a day for this great work; and thou shalt send invitations to me and my hosts, and to my Gods and Lords, Goddesses and Lordesses. Send thou, therefore, thy surveyors and inspectors, and determine whither thou wouldst raise thy plateau, and thou shalt be provided from my hosts whatever assistance thou mayst need.

17. Ahura then saluted, and he and his hosts departed without the capital p. 333a chamber, where they rested awhile in recreation with the etherean hosts, and then they entered their ship and departed, and returned to Ailkin. After which Ahura appointed the day for the resurrection, and sent messengers throughout atmospherea, proclaiming what he would do, inviting Gods and Lords, with their attendants, to come and spend the day with him.

18. Jehovih spake to Cpenta-armij, saying: Send thou thy mathematicians to estimate the grade of Ahura's plateau; and send thy surveyors to the place he hath chosen, that thy hosts may know the power required; and provide thou from thine own hosts, privily, suitable stationers that Ahura shall not fail. For, in time to come, Ahura shall be one of My greatest of Gods.

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