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Chapter VII

1. AS mortals sail corporeal ships across the corporeal ocean, so sailed the ship of God in the atmospherean ocean. As a man having five sons sendeth four away to far-off countries and keepeth one at home, so did God with the five Lords bequeathed him by Great Jehovih.

2. And now had God departed from the foundation of Hored, in a ship, in heaven to visit his four far-off sons, the Lords of the four great divisions of the earth, who had to do with both mortals and the spirits of the dead, for the glory of Jehovih.

3. First to Jud, Lord of Jud, he headed his ship, running close to the earth, bounding forth, and sapping up fuel from the tall forests to feed the phosphorescent flame, running easy till the wild coast on the west of Whaga was reached. Here halted he his ship, first God of the first Lords of earth, till his navigators told the distance of the wide sea before; then gathering fuel and substance from the rich growing lands, he stowed the ship to the full, he and his traveling host.

4. And God went in, commanding: Go forth, go forth! Forth into the sea of heaven! And on plunged the ship of God in the blue winds of the firmament, high soaring, above the black clouds sprung from the corporeal ocean. And the music of his thousand es'enaurs leaped forth in time and tune to the waves, plenteous and most defiant.

5. Jehovih looked down from the highest of all the heavens, His everlasting throne of thrones, saying: Onward! Onward! Tame the elements, O God! O man! The earth is thine, the air above is thine. Stretch forth thine arm and tame the elements I have made.

6. Onward sped the ship of God, by the force of wills matured; and from its hallowed light displaying its purpose before other traveling Gods and men, in other ships cruising, on adventurous paths in Jehovih's wide oceans of splendor.

7. Merrily sang the crew, and danced, and sighted the wide expanse, premising of the scattering ships coursing hither and yon, in strange colors and marvelous swiftness.

8. On one side the rising moon, the setting sun on the other; beneath lay the black clouds and great corporeal ocean; and yet high above twinkled the stars and the planets of the Great Serpent on his long journey.

9. God came forth and surveyed the scene; and the power of Jehovih moved upon him. Then gathered around him his seven thousand loves and traveling companions. God said:

10. All Thy places are new, Great Jehovih! For thousands of years have I gazed on Thy matchless splendors, seen and unseen; but Thy glory groweth richer day by day. When Thy voice came to me, more than a hundred years ago, saying: Go, My son, I have a new garden planted; take some workmen and till the soil; I foresaw the long labor of the generations that would spring up out of the earth. I feared and trembled. I said:

11. How shall it be, O Jehovih? Shall the new earth be peopled over, and mortals run their course as on other worlds before? First, in wholesome love and worship and due reverence to the Gods, and then for ages and ages bury themselves in bloody wars? O lead me forth, Father! Jehovih! I will take Thy garden for a season, and fence it round with Lords, and wise kingdoms. And with Thy potent spirit hedge mortals on every side, that the earth shall bloom as a paradise for angels and men.

12. And Thy sons and daughters came with me, and engrafted Thy immortal kingdom.

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13. How is it now? How compares my labor with that of other Gods on other worlds?

14. O ye archangels, Gods and Goddesses! Look down on the great earth! Jehovih hath filled my arms with a great load! I tremble on the immortal scales!

15. And God, transfixed, looked up into the swift-passing sky, for his voice reached to the thrones of etherean worlds whereon the Osirian regents reigned in all power. And down from amidst the stars shot a single ray of light engrossed with the adorable words: JEHOVIH'S SON! ALL HAIL! HAIL, GOD OF EARTH, JEHOVIH'S SON! GLORY! GLORY TO GREAT JEHOVIH, FOR ALL THAT THOU HAST DONE!

16. Then upward furled the shining light till it faded midst the far-off stars. Anew the trumpeters and singers sent forth a strain of sweet music, spirited and sounding full of soul. And as the music glided forth across the waters, lo, other music, strange and welcome, came from the west lands to the borders of the ocean.

17. The ship was across the sea, and the hosts of the Lord had come to meet the God of earth and heaven. And now, saluting loud and long, the two ships drew to close anchorage. Presently the messengers interchanged, and in Jehovih's name greeted God and His hosts, who were old-time friends to the Lord and His.

18. God said: By Thy will, O Jehovih, let us take course for the Lord's kingdom and place of labor. And presently the two ships sped forth, close to the earth, conjoined in the music of anthems of olden times.

19. Far up into the heart of the country, where fertile lands and mountains and waters were close companioned to the asuan race, the ships led on till one pillar of fire, standing on a mountain side, proclaimed the place of the Lord, and here they halted and made fast the vessels, unseen by mortals.

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