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Chapter IV


1. FOR two whole days Cpenta-armij left the people in recreation, but on the third she ascended the throne, p. 322a and lo and behold, even in that same moment of time, a light spread abroad over all the place, so that the people comprehended indeed what was meant by Jehovih's hand being upon them. And they all resumed their places, whereupon Jehovih spake through Cpenta-armij, saying:

2. Whom I brought with Me from Haotsaiti shall be My Council during dawn; but the portals shall remain open on every side.

3. Who are not of My Council are not bound unto these, My labors, and the same shall go and come as they choose, remembering the call of their respective Gods.

4. For know ye all, that whoever aspireth to Me shall come to Me; but the nearest way for many is round about. Ye being above grade fifty are already more to Me and for Me than against Me or from Me, and in equal degree are cast upon your own responsibility. For such is the light of My kingdoms, from the first to the highest: To the child, no responsibility; to grade twenty-five, one quarter; to fifty, one-half; to seventy-five, three-quarters; but to the emancipated in My etherean realms, responsibility not only to self but to all who are beneath.

5. Wherein My highest worlds are responsible for the lowest, being bound unto one another through Me for the resurrection of all.

6. In this day am I come to deliver My Gods down to the earth, to walk on the earth with mortals, raising them up in My name.

7. They who shall be raised up in Me, even though still of the earth, shall be holden alike responsible for all who are beneath them; for with My light and power before them, and doing in My name, they that are beneath them will hold them, not only on the earth, but in heaven, for their labors and words.

8. The Voice departed, and then Cpenta-armij spake in her own behalf, saying: Once around earth and heaven will I now travel, seeing with mine own eyes and hearing with mine own ears, even as is commanded of me by the Father; that I may know of mine own knowledge the condition of mortals and of the spirits who dwell both with them and in the lowest heavens. He who is still your God shall abide with you, and on this throne, until I return.

9. Cpenta-armij then descended and sat at the foot of the throne, and Owks and Ha-o-ha and See-wah-Gon with her, whereupon God went down and took her hand, saying: Arise, O Goddess, and go thy way. And then he p. 323a raised up the other three in the same way, and they saluted and stood aside. Now, as soon as God raised them up, the All Light settled upon him, and he again ascended the throne, and sat in the midst. Then spake Cpenta-armij, saying to God:

10. Jehovih hath commanded the raising of a voice in four divisions of the earth; what is thy light, O God? God said:

11. In Jaffeth I have raised up a man named Po, an Ihuan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five. In Arabin'ya I have raised up a man named Abram, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five. In Vind'yu I have raised up a man named Brahma, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-nine. I Guatama I have raised up a man named Eawahtah, an I'huan of the I'hin side, of grade ninety-five.

12. The loo'is who have accomplished this labor are still with their wards, but are apprised of thy coming. Behold, I send with thee messengers who will answer thy commands.

13. Hereupon, Cpenta-armij, with her hosts, departed, and entered an otevan which God had had previously prepared for her; and she took with her one million attendants, going straight down to the earth. And first of all to visit mortals and mortal kingdoms, kings and queens, temples and oracles, and then to see Po and Abram and Brahma and Eawahtah, all of whom were sufficiently illumined to see her and to know she was the Person of the All Voice.

14. Next after these she visited all the heavenly kingdoms belonging to the earth, going first to the heavenly kingdom, belonging to Japan, thence to Ah'oan, of Jaffeth, thence to E'chad, and so on until she saw them all.

15. After that Cpenta-armij returned to Craoshivi, making a circuit sufficient to examine all the plateaux below the belt meteoris.

16. Now the whole time Cpenta-armij had been gone was thirty and two days. Whilst she had been absent, God extended the receiving grounds of Craoshivi twelve thousand miles in breadth toward the south, and founded sixty colonies. For even now were, and would be, for the four years to come, ships arriving daily with hundreds of thousands of angels who were being prepared for the degree of Brides and Bridegrooms to Jehovih, ready for the third resurrection.

17. Messengers had arrived in Craoshivi daily from Cpenta-armij, so that God knew when she would return. p. 324a And accordingly he had prepared all things in readiness, and she was received in the name of the Father, in due ceremony.

18. And Cpenta-armij ascended the throne of God and sat in the midst, and a light like a sun settled around about her. Her companions, Gods and Goddesses, now sat not near her, though on the throne to the right and left. Whilst they were taking in their respective places, the es'enaurs were chanting anthems, and the awe and majesty of the scene were magnified to the utmost.

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