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Chapter XVIII

1. THUS drew to a close the cycle of Fragapatti, being three thousand and one hundred years. And at this time there were but few people on earth or in heaven but were capable of everlasting life, even the druks and drujas also.

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2. Jehovih spake to God, saying: Now shalt thou enumerate earth and heaven, as to all that I have created capable of everlasting life; and of My harvests since the habitation of the earth, when man first walked upright. And thy numbers shall be entered in the libraries of heaven, to remain forever.

3. So God called together a council of mathematicians, and they numbered mortals and angels, and recorded their labor in the libraries of heaven, where the wise men of heaven and earth may read the records.

4. In Fragapatti's cycle were born alive ninety-two thousand millions. Of these ninety percent were born to everlasting life. Ten percent went into dissolution, as a drop of water evaporateth before the sun and is seen no more.

5. In Osiris' cycle, ninety-one thousand millions. Of these eighty-seven percent were born to everlasting life. Thirteen percent went into dissolution and were seen no more.

6. In Thor's cycle, eighty-eight thousand millions. Of these eighty-five percent were born to everlasting life, and fifteen percent to dissolution.

7. In Apollo's cycle, eighty thousand millions. Of these seventy-two percent were born to everlasting life.

8. In Sue's cycle, eighty-seven thousand millions. Of these sixty-two percent were born to everlasting life, and thirty-eight percent went into dissolution.

9. In Aph's cycle, sixty-six thousand millions. Of these fifty-four percent wer born to everlasting life, and forty-six percent went into dissolution.

10. In Neph's cycle, before the submersion of Pan, one hundred and twenty-four thousand millions. Of these twenty-one percent were born to everlasting life, and seventy-nine percent went into dissolution.

11. And this comprised one-sixth of the people that had been created alive on the earth since man walked upright; that is to say, three thousand six hundred and seventy-eight billions.

12. But in the early days of man only a small percentage were born to everlasting life; and, first of all, only one percent.

13. And God gave thanks unto Jehovih, the Creator, because all the races of men on earth were now capable of everlasting life.

14. Of the hells and knots springing out of hada since the days of Wan, this was the proportion, to wit:

15. In the cycle of Fragapatti, two hundred and seventy-six hells, of average duragion, thirty years. Involved in these hells, two thousand million angels. Sixty-four knots, of average duration, two years. Involved in these knots, one thousand million angels.

16. In the cycle of Osiris, three hundred and eighty-nine hells, of average duration, four hundred years. Involved in these hells, seven thousand millions. Two hundred and twelve knots, of average duration, three years. Involved in these knots, three thousand millions.

17. In the cycle of Thor, five hundred and ninety-one hells, of average duration, six hundred years. Involved in these hells, nine thousand million angels. Four hundred and thirty-six knots, of average duration, six years. Involved in these knots, four thousand million angels.

18. In Apollo's cycle, seven hundred and forty-two hells, of average duration, eight hundred years. Involved in these hells, ten thousand million angels. Six hundred and four knots, of average duration, twelve years. Involved in these knots, five thousand millions.

19. In Sue's cycle, twelve hundred and seventy-three hells, of average duration, one thousand years. Involved in these hells, thirteen thousand million angels. One thousand and five knots, of average duration, thirty years. Involved in these knots, eight thousand millions.

20. In Aph's cycle, three thousand five hundred hells, of average duration, two thousand years. Involved in these hells, twenty-eight thousand million angels. Two thousand knots, of average duration, fifty years. Involved in these knots, twenty-five thousand millions. And these were the numbers of spirits cast into hell and into knots,from the submersion of Pan to the end of the cycle of Zarathustra; but at the dawn of each and every cycle, both the hells and the knots were delivered by the etherean Gods. Save in Fragapatti's cycle, when they were almost entirely delivered by the atmospherean God.

21. Prior to the submersion of Pan, commonly called the flood, more than half the people entering the first es world went into hells and knots. And in all ages of the world there have been thousands and millions of spirits who delight in hell for certain seasons, even as is manifested in mortals who delight in debauchery, and vengeance, and war. Nor is a hell widely different, as regards the spirit, from what war is amongst p. 310 mortals. And as mortals of this day glorify themselves and their generals and captains for the magnitude of their havoc in war, so in the olden times, in atmospherea, there were great boastings and laudations for such as inflicted the greatest torments and horrors in hell.

22. As mortals of the druk order oft leave their evil ways for a season, and become upright and virtuous, loving decency and righteousness, and then break away and indulge in a season of debauchery, so in the es world hath it been with millions and thousands of millions of angels. In one day the teachers and physicians were rejoicing before Jehovih because of the steadfastness of their wards to righteousness; and in the next day were left to deplore the loss of hundreds and thousands who had broken faith and gone off for indulgence's sake in some of the hells. And these had to be rescued, persuaded, threatened and coaxed back again and again to the nurseries and hospitals, or to the factories and colleges.

23. Neither knoweth any one, save Jehovih, the labor and fretting and anxiety that were undergone by the teachers and physicians, and Lords and Gods, who had such drujas in charge. For even as it is beholden on earth that men of great learning and high estate oft fall, becoming lower than the beasts of the fields, so in heaven were there hundreds of thousands, and even millions, oft high raised in the grades, that would stumble and fall into the lowest of hells, and even into the knots.

24. So Jehovih brought the earth and her heavens into another dawn of dan, in the arc of Spe-ta, in the Nirvanian roads of Salk-watka, in etherea.

25. Now, up to the last, God and his Lords maintained the Diva; and mortals somewhat understood the matter, that there were certain Divine laws in heaven that ruled over mortal kingdoms and empires. So that the words Div, and Diva, and Divine rights, began to be realized as a concerted power in heaven greater than man's power.

End of Book of Divinity.

Plate 14.--THE DIVINE SEAL (see p. 613}


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