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Chapter XVI

1. DURING the fall of a'ji, God decreed to his Lord Gods, to his Gods and Lords, and Goddesses, as followeth, to wit: As ye have gathered of the rising atmospherean part of the living earth-substance, so shall ye now turn for your regimen above. It is in heaven now like unto the waters of the earth. When it raineth not, mortals go to the well and fetch up water out of the earth; but when it raineth they go not to the well for water, but set out vessels, and the rain filleth them.

2. So, in the times of dan and half dan and quarter dan, our hosts bring their regimen up from the earth. Wherein ye have many employed as laborers. Behold now, a'ji will rain down upon us sufficient and more than sufficient regimen for one hundred and eighty years. Suffer not, therefore, your laborers to fall into idleness, for this will lead to mischief. But immediately put them to other occupations; suffer them to have no spare time.

3. The mathematicians discovered there would fall no a'ji in Yaton'te, nor on the lands of Guatama. So, God sent from several divisions in the heavens laborers for those regions.

4. Two heavenly kingdoms, Gir-ak-shi and Soo'fwa, of Heleste and Japan, grieved God more than all the rest. For these had become strongholds for Ahura, who had pursued the warfare on earth till in those two great divisions all the Faithists, the Zarathustrians, had been put to death. And the mortal kings of those countries had issued laws commanding all people to be put to death that professed the Great Spirit, Ormazd (Jehovih). And the law had been carried out effectually.

5. So God bewailed Soo'fwa with lamentations. He said: O Japan, my beloved, down stricken! How can I restore top thee mortal seed? Thou art afar; no man on thy soil heareth the Creator's voice! How can I carry her; she lieth down with cold feet.

6. Whilst God lamented, the voice of the Father came to him, saying: Hear Me in My wisdom, O My Son. I will not suffer Ahura to go thither. Withdraw thy guards from the evilest of men. Suffer him to go his way. Ahura shall be brought home before he visiteth Soo'fwa and Gir-ak-shi.

7. God perceived; and he sent messengers to the guard over Ootgowski, saying to them: When ye come to the guard, even to the captains, ask permission to speak to Ootgowski. And the captain will permit. Whereupon, ye shall say to Ootgowski: My son, thou camest hither, saying: Put a guard over me, for I am obsessed of Satan with the seven horns (tetracts). And God appointed a guard over thee. In this day, behold, God sendethto thee, saying: I will no longer guard Ootgowski. For his glory he shall enter the kingdoms of Jehovih and become a worker for righteousness' sake.

8. When the messengers had said this much to Ootgowski, the latter said unto them: God is wise; I volunteered to have myself put under guard, but I am tired thereof. Say to God, his Lords and sub-Gods, I will come to Jehovih's kingdoms and work, for righteousness' sake. But yet a little while I desire rest and travel. So Ootgowski was granted freedom purposely, and of his own accord he went and destroyed the foundations of Ahura's throne, as hath been told. And Ahura thus hastened home without completing the travel of the heavens.

9. Jehovih said: What mattereth a name? Let them call the Creator Ahura'Mazda, and call Ahura'Mazda the Creator. Since He hath not shown Himself in a ship, or in the figure of a man, behold, thy inspirers shall teach His Ever Presence.

10. God perceived, and a record of the name was made and entered in the libraries of heaven. And God looked p. 306 abroad and saw that the same thing was even so in Gir-ak-shi and Heleste. And God entered this also in the libraries of heaven. And the reading thereof, translated, is as followeth: In the land of Celeste, the highest, most sacred name of the Great Spirit, the Creator, was decreed by God to be Mazda; and the same thing is decreed of Japan.

11. Hence it was known from that time forth that the origin of the word Master, as applied to the Creator, sprang from those two countries only, and from no other division of the earth. Of this matter, God said: In thousands of years this word shall be testimony to mortals of the war in heaven of this day, which reached not to the heavens of these two lands. And it was so, and will continue forever!

12. So God had no footing in Japan nor in Heleste, nor had he sufficient power to establish a God or Lord in either country, or in the heavens belonging to them.

13. And when Diva assembled, God propounded this matter, on which the fourteen members spake at length. And then Div decreed: To the swift messengers in attendance, and through them to the etherean Godess, Cpenta-armij, deploring of Diva in Jehovih's name: Two heavenly kingdoms and two corporeal divisions have walled themselves about in idolatry. A'ji hath yet six years, and dawn twenty-six.

14. In thirty days thereafter the star-ship, Gee'onea, from Haot-saiti, in etherea, made its appearance in the heavens above, first observed on the borders of the bridge Chinvat. God sent immediately a swift-rising Ometr to meet the star-ship and conduct it to Craoshivi, whither he had gone with one of the transports, with two hundred millions, well selected, to found a new city in heaven. Suffice it, in three days' time the star ship landed in Craoshivi with one million laborers provided to endure till the coming dawn.

15. After due salutations, Os, chief Captain of the ethereans, said unto God: In Jehovih's name am I come to possess the heavenly places, Soo'fwa and Gir-ak-shi, and their lands, Japan and Heleste. This work must be accomplished before dawn; before the coming of Cpenta-armij. Send thou, therefore, thy messengers who know the places, that I may conduct my hosts thither to labor.

16. God then gave messengers to Os, and the latter departed and went to the kingdoms named; and it so happened, by the wisdom of Jehovih, that this took place at the same time that Ahura had returned and found his capital and throne demolished. Hence Ahura was powerless to interfere with the labor of Os and his hosts.

17. So Os divided his forces and possessed both Soo'fwa and Gir-ak-shi, together with the divisions of the earth thereunto belonging. And Os possessed the corporeal temples of worship, and the places of the oracles, and all places for consulting spirits. And he taught not the name of Jehovih, nor of the Great Spirit, nor of the Father; for none of these would be received. But this he taught; thus he extolled; thus inspired OF THE MAZDA, THE CREATOR; OF THE VOICE THAT SPAKE TO ZARATHUSTRA, THE ALL PURE. To goodness and good works; to self-denial and love; to justice and truth; of mercy and obedience to the all highest light in the soul.

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