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Chapter XIV

1. JEHOVIH said: When a'ji cometh near a dawn of dan, let my loo'is be swift in duty; far-seeing in the races of men. I not only break up the old foundations of temples and cities in those days, but the foundations of the abuse of the caste of men. My Voice is upon the races of men. To-day I say: Preserve ye the caste of men; marry ye thus and so, every one to their own line. For I perceive it is wisdom. To-morrow I say: I will have no caste, for the races are becoming impoverished in blood; marry here, marry there! And I give them a'ji, and their desires break all bounds, and I raise them up giants and strong limbed.

2. But in those days my loo'is shall fly swiftly and with great power, that a seed may be preserved unto Me and My kingdoms. I come not for one race alone; but unto all men; as by My Spirit created I them all alive, so is My hand over them all to eternity.

3. And when the shower of a'ji is over and gone, I send My high-raised Gods and Goddesses to gather together My flocks, and to proclaim unto them anew My Wisdom and Power. And those that have been selected and preserved by My loo'is are the foundations of My new order.

4. Ahura took advantage of the age of darkness to sow disbelief in Jehovih broadcast over earth and, and to gather in his harvest for the glory of his own kingdom. And when war and murder and lust were thus reigning on earth, Ahura decreed to his Lords, and they again to his ashars, and they again to mortals: That all that was required of any man or woman was not celibacy, nor carrying the alms-bowl, nor any sacrifice whatever; but by saying prayers to Ahura'Mazda, and to his Lords, and to wish them hither with praise was all sufficient; that on the third day after death they would ascend and dwell in Ahura's paradise. Nevertheless, such was not truth, for Ahura's emissaries caught the newborn spirits, and made slaves of them, commanding them to gather regimen and substance for the glory of Ahura's heavenly kingdoms.

5. In the fortieth year before dawn, the Voice of the Father came to God, saying: Mouru is becoming inhabitable; Haraiti shall be moved into the earth; Zeredho shall be no more. Go not to Ahura with this prophecy; he hath denied My Voice; he will not hear. But I will take the foundations of Ctusk from under him, and it shall go downward into the earth.

6. But thou, O God, My Son, I forewarn; for thy kingdoms and thy upraised sons and daughters shall be preserved through the darkness. They shall become My Brides and Bridegrooms; I will prepare a place for them in great glory.

7. Call together the Diva, and I will speak before them, and My Voice shall be proclaimed throughout all these heavens, save in the heavens of Ahura, where My Voice shall not be proclaimed.

8. So God called the Diva, and they came and sat in the sacred circle, and the light, like a sun, gathered above God's head, saying: Come up above Haraiti; behold, I have broken up meteoris; I have fashioned a new plateau in the firmament above; whereon are all things plentiful for heavenly kingdoms. Come thither with thy Lord Gods, and with Thy Lords and Gods, and I will show thee. And when thou hast seen, thou shalt possess the place and begin its inhabitation, taking thither thy hosts of thousands of millions.

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9. When the Light ceased speaking, it took wing and rose upward, and Div and Diva rose also and followed after; and thus Jehovih led them to the plateau; hence it was called Craoshivi, signifying, THE LIGHT HATH CHOSEN.

10. And God and his sub-Gods possessed the place, and laid the foundation for habitation; and after that he and his Lords and Gods returned and counseled on the manner of removal.

11. At this time there were four thousand million Faithists belonging to God's kingdoms, most wise and upright, full of purity and good works. But God and his Lords, and Lord Gods, had not sufficient power to remove so many angels, especially as many of them were yet below grade fifty, and hence gravitated downward more than upward. So, after due counsel, God decreed to build an avalanza capable of two hundred thousand, and to begin with the highest grades.

12. And God foresaw of his own wisdom that he should render unto Vishnu and his Lord-dom an all sufficient force to protect the mortals of Vindyu and Jaffeth and Arabin'ya, which were soon to be flooded by the hosts of Ahura being cast down on the earth. Accordingly, he sent for Vishnu, and when Vishnu was before the throne of God, the latter told him all the words Jehovih had said in regard to Ahura and his kingdoms, to be precipitated to the earth; and told him about the new plateau, Craoshivi, whither the light had conducted them. And he further commanded Vishnu to return again to his own place, Maitraias, and survey the dominions, and estimate what force he should require in order to protect the mortals of those three earth divisions.

13. Vishnu replied: As to the latter part of thy commandment, O God, I have already accomplished. For I feared these things might come to pass, and I provided accordingly. The number I will require of and above grade eighty will be six hundred millions! For I must have at least one angel for each and every mortal.

14. God answered him, saying: Thou shalt have eight hundred hundred millions! Whereupon, Vishnu took leave and returned to his lwon place, Matraias. God immediately sent forth selectors with power; and they went into all the colleges and factories, and other places of Jehovih's kingdoms, and selected out the eight hundred million angels required by Vishnu, and God sent them to Maitraias as soon as possible.

15. Of the six hundred million angels taken to Maitraias, who had been subjects to sub-Gods, besides a hundred million that had strayed off, becoming wanderers and drujas, Vishnu found thirty millions above grade fifty, and these he appropriated at once, to work in concert with the sub-Gods in building schools, colleges, factories, and all such required places for the elevation of man. When he had thus established order, he called together the sub-Gods and said unto them:

16. Think not that I am about to leave you; I am not about to leave you. But ye are not mine to keep; nor are ye hosts of mine. Ye asked for them in the first place, and Jehovih gave them to you. I have restored order; the time is now come when one of you must be chief captain over all the rest, and he shall apportion you according to his highest light. Choose ye, therefore, your captain, and I will give him a judgment seat and badge of office, and ye together shall comprise a Council. For I will make this a kingdom when the majority hath passed grade fifty.

17. The sub-Gods deliberated for eight days, but, perceiving the responsibility of leadership, not one of them would accept the place. So they came before Vishnu, saying: We pray thee, release us, and raise thou up another person, and he shall be our captain.

18. Vishnu said: A certain man and woman married, and they prayed Jehovih for offspring, and he answered their prayer, and they had many children. And now, when they beheld their responsibility to the children, they said unto the Great Spirit: We pray Thee, give the responsibility to some other persons. What think ye of them?

19. Now I say unto you, Jehovih heard their first prayer, but not the second. If I serve Jehovih, how, then, shall I answer your prayers and appoint another person in your stead? It is a wise man that rusheth not into leadership and responsibility; but he is a good man, indeed, who, having gotten in, saith: Now will I go ahead in Jehovih's wisdom and power with all my might. The Gods who are above us come to such a man and help him! Go ye, then, once more into Council, and appoint a chief captain.

20. Hardly had Vishnu said this, when the sub-Gods perceived what was meant by the higher light, and the whole sixty held up their hands, saying: I will serve Thee, O Jehovih! Give me whatsoever thou wilt!

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21. With that, Vishnu commanded them to appoint the one with the highest grade. This they did, and it fell upon Subdga; and accordingly, Subdga was made captain in chief of Maitraias, with rank sixty on the first list. So Vishnu created a judgment seat for Subdga and gave him a badge of office. And the other sub-Gods were made captains of divisions, and numbered according to their assignment, and none of them were humiliated before their former subjects, but became trainers and disciplinarians in new fields of labor. And their former subjects were no longer called subjects, but hosts, and they were liberated in all things, save with no liberty to return to mortals.

22. Hardly had Vishnu these matters settled, when the hosts, eight hundred millions, came as the guard and shields of mortals. These Vishnu organized, making Maitraias the central throne over them; and he divided them into companies of one million, and gave to each company one marshal and one thousand messengers. And the marshals again sub-divided their hosts into thousands, and numbered them, and to each thousand he gave one master, with his quota of messengers.

23. Next, Vishnu divided the three great countries, Vindyu, Jaffeth and Arabin'ya, into as many parts as he had appointed marshals; and the lands were mapped out, cities and towns and country places, and each marshal was assigned his place. And there was made a record of these things, with the maps and divisions, and the names of the marshals and masters; and it was registered in the libraries of heaven.

24. So Vishnu's hosts were sent to their places and commanded to give daily reports of their labors, which were to be carried by the messengers to Vishnu.

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