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Chapter XIII


1. IN the one hundred and eightieth year preceding the dawn of dan; that is to say, two thousand nine hundred and twenty years after Fragapatti and Zarathustra, Jehovih sent swift messengers with six thousand etherean loo'is from the Nirvanian fields of Chen'gotha in etherea.

2. And the swift messengers brought these words with them, to wit: Greeting to thee, God of the red star and her heavens, in the name of Jehovih! By the love and wisdom of Cpenta-armij, Nirvanian Goddess of Haotsaiti, we speak in the Father's name. Peace and joy be unto thee, O God, and to thy sub-Gods and Lords, and Lord Gods and Goddesses. One hundred and eighty years of darkness will p. 299 now come upon thy kingdoms. And then the darkness will go away, and dawn will be in the places thereof. And in the time of darkness, behold, the nations of the earth will go down in great darkness.

3. But the light of the Father's Presence will not be destroyed. A little seed shall endure amongst mortals. That that seed may be propitious to the labor of thy Goddess, who will come in that day, she sendeth herewith two thousand etherean loo'is for Vindyu; two thousand for Jaffeth, and two thousand for Arabin'ya.

4. And thy Goddess decreeth that thou shalt appoint unto these loo'is one of thy Gods, high raised, and he shall go with them, and his labor shall be with them.

5. And the business of this, thy God, and of these, my loo'is, shall be to raise up heirs and followers, who shall be grown to maturity when I come. For through these that they raise up will I deliver the Father's chosen out of the afflictions that will be upon them in that day.

6. To this God replied: In the name of Jehovih, greeting and love unto Cpenta-armij, Goddess of Haot-saiti. I receive thy loo'is with joy, and I appoint unto them my favored God, Yima, God of a thousand years' tuition, namesake of Yima, son of Vivanho, the Sweet Singer.

7. So the swift messengers, with due ceremonies, left the six thousand etherean loo'is and then departed. And God sent messengers to Yima, commanding him to come to Mouru at once, deputing his assistant God to take his place and to retain it until dawn. So Yima appeared presently before the throne of God, and the latter instructed him in all that had been commanded from on high. And Yima sent word to his former kingdom for a thousand of his attendants, and they came also. Meanwhile Yima conferred with the loo'is, who explained to him what all they required. And after this they provided a piedmazr, and descended to the earth, to Jaffeth and Vindyu and Arabin'ya.

8. And Yima stationed his piedmazr midway betwixt the three countries, in the first plateau above the clouds, and called the place Hored, in honor of the first heavenly kingdom on the earth. And when he had founded his place and named it, he sent word to God, Jehovih's Son, who gave him five hundred messengers, mostly college students. And God gave them, to return, heine currents, so the ethereans could be supplied with regimen of their own order.

9. Yima made the watches twenty-four hours, changing at dawn of sunrise every morning, half on and half off. And he called in all ashars from the regions of mortals where he designed labor; and when they had assembled in Hored, he thus addressed them, saying:

10. Behold, it is yet one hundred and eighty years till dawn of dan. In that time Cpenta-armij, Goddess of Haot-saiti, situated in the Nirvanian fields of Chen-gotha, will come in the Father's name, and with wisdom and power!

11. But until that time, alas, great darkness will be in heaven and earth, especially in these regions. And it shall come to pass that the mongrels, the worshippers of Ahura'Mazda, will triumph in these lands. They will build great cities and kingdoms, and they will rule over the I'huans to great injury. But the druks (aborigines), will be redeemed to everlasting life during this period; for the mongrels will wed with them, and their progeny will be capable of receiving light, even in mortality.

12. But these mongrels will be great savages, nevertheless, and there will be cannibals all over these three great lands. And they that are slain in battle will be cut up and put in vessels with salt, and their flesh will be thus preserved for food.

13. But because the I'huans, the Zarathustrians, will not war, they will be enslaved by the mongrels, save such as escape to the forests. And betwixt celibacy and torments, the Zarathustrians will have great suffering and bondage, and many of them will be discouraged and lose faith in the Creator.

14. But that their seed may be preserved and delivered out of bondage, ye shall raise up many who are capable of su'is; and in the time of dawn they shall be rescued from their enemies. Behold, here are present etherean loo'is who will go with you throughout these lands and survey the people, and provide also for such great lights as shall lead the people.

15. After Yima thus instructed the ashars in a general way, he handed them over to the loo'is, who divided them into companies of thousands, and each and every loo'is had one company of ashars. And when this was completed they departed out of Hored, going to their several places.

16. And in eleven days thereafter, behold, a'ji began to fall on heaven and earth. The belt of meteoris gave up its stones, and showers of them p. 300 rained down on the earth, and the sun became as a red ball of fire, and remained so for one hundred and sixty-six years. And the peoples of Arabin'ya and Vindyu and Jaffeth fell from holiness; the Zarathustrians gave up celibacy by hundreds of thousands, and married, and begot children in great numbers; many women giving birth to twenty and some even to give and twenty children. And some men were the fathers of seventy children, and not a few even of a hundred. And the Zarathustrians, even the Faithists with the mark of circumcision, went and married with the mongrels, and they with the druks, so that the foundations of caste were broken up.

17. So great was the power of a'ji that even the I'hins oft broke their vows and lived clandestinely with the world's people, begetting offspring in great numbers, not eligible to enter their sacred cities. And yet mortals saw not the a'ji; saw their cities and temples as it were, sinking in the ground; but they sank not; it was the a'ji falling and condensing.

18. Jehovih had said: What I give that groweth the corpor, inspireth man to corpor; what I give that groweth the es, inspireth man to es. And in the days of a'ji, neither angels or men can enthuse mortals with spiritual things, only they that are organically grown in spirit can withstand.

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