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Chapter IX

1. THEN God bewailed the state of the earth, because man ceased to love anything thereon. His whole mind and heart were set upon heavenly things, and the earth was becoming like a neglected farm grown up with weeds and briars. So Jehovih answered God's prayers, saying: Behold, I will bring darkness around about the earth on every side. See to it then, My Son, for not only will man desire of the earth, but the angels in thy high heavenly places will forsake them, and go down to the earth.

2. So it came to pass, Jehovih brought ji'ya upon the earth, and it was in a state of darkness for four hundred years, and the sun shone not, but was like a red ball of fire, and mortal beings were without lights and shadows.

3. And men's minds and hearts took after the nature of the corporeal world, losing sight of Ormazd and His heavenly promises, and they bethought them of the desires of earth, and of the pleasures of flesh-life. Now during ji'ay there fell perpetual atmospherean substance on the earth, and it was of the nature and kind of substance of which the earth is made, but atmospheric, and this is that which is called ji'ya.

4. And the plateau of Haraiti and Zeredho were driven down to the earth and near the earth; and the belt of meteoris was moved nearer by thousands of miles, and meteoric stones fell in many places upon the earth, like a rain shower, but burning hot, and with suffocating smell. And the affairs of mortals were changed; they built new cities, and became great hunters, applying the wisdom of their forefathers to the matters of the earth.

5. And the heavenly places of delight were broken up and descended to the earth; and the angels were cast upon the earth, turning away from faith in Ormazd, seeking joy in the affairs of earth. And God and his Lords were powerless unto righteous works, either with mortals or angels. But man and woman became prolific, and they grew large, and full of resolution and power.

6. The Voice of Jehovih spake to God, saying: Maintain thou thy kingdom; and thy Gods and thy Lords under thee shall also maintain their kingdoms. Nor suffer thou My people to be discouraged with My works.

7. Because I have sent darkness upon the earth to benefit mortals in mortality, so have I also given My heavenly hosts lessons in My es worlds. Nor shall they call this a judgment upon them, nor say, I do these things in anger, nor as punishment, nor for benefit of one to the injury of others.

8. Because thou wert guided by My voice and My commandments in bestowing the Divan law, behold the strength and wisdom of thy pupils! For inasmuch as they learn to master the elements I created in atmospherea, so will they become triumphant in My etherean worlds.

9. God perceived, and he and his Lords and sub-Gods fortified their kingdoms on all hands, and provided assistance to their colleges, factories, hospitals and places of education, in order to maintain the angels who had sought resurrection.

10. Nevertheless, it came to pass, many angels believed a new order of light was coming on the earth, wherein the earth would become the all highest abode for angels and Gods. Others having lived two or three hundred years in atmospherea, and never having been in etherea, began to disbelieve in the higher heavens, and finally to disbelieve in Jehovih, also.

11. And in two hundred years later, God and his Lords lost influence and power with both angels and mortals. And the latter took to war, and the angels who had ministered unto them became wanderers and adventurers, without organization, and cared neither for truth nor wisdom, but flattered mortals for their own glory.

12. And the kings and queens of the earth built temples for their familiar spirits, who assumed the ancient names of Gods and Lords. Now, when the next arc of dan was near at hand, God enumerated his upraised hosts, and there were prepared as Brides and Bridegrooms for Jehovih's higher heavens twelve thousand millions.

13. And because it was less than the number of his predecessor, he cried out unto Jehovih, bewailing his weakness. And Jehovih answered him, saying: Bewail not, My Son! Thou hast done a great work. Neither ask thou that thou mayst remain another dan, for the next will not be so fair a harvest. So God grieved no more, but p. 291 bestowed his kingdom on his successor; and his Lords did likewise, and so did his sub-Gods and all other persons having protégés. And God called together the Brides and Bridegrooms of Jehovih; and the latter sent down from etherea five great ships of fire, and delivered God and his hosts into the emancipated worlds.

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