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Chapter VI

1. IN the twelfth moon of the Diva the Voice of Jehovih came to Div, saying: That My Lords and My Gods may not err, thou shalt promulgate the foundation of the Divan law. God perceived, and in the name of Div he decreed:

2. Hear me, O Gods and Lords! This is the foundation of Divan law: The decrees of God and his Lords, his Lord Gods, his Gods, and his Lords; not singly, but by all members, and ratified by the Council of Diva under Div, Son of All Light. That is to say:

3. A kingdom in heaven riseth or falleth by Divan law; a kingdom or nation on earth riseth or falleth by Divan law. The virtuous are rewarded and exalted by Divan law; the wicked are cast into trials by Divan law.

4. But this is not Divan law: Man to be created and live; to live a time on earth, then die and enter heaven: These are done by the Ever Presence, the All Light, the Creator, and not by the Diva.

5. This is Divan law, to wit: To assist man out of darkness into light; to give security to the helpless; to raise the souls of man to everlasting light; to minister unto the needy; to deliver them that are in pain; to teach man to desist laboring for himself; to teach him to labor for others.

6. But this is not Divan law: For seed to grow; for a tree to grow; for a spider to weave its web; these are done by the Ever Living Presence, the All Master, Creator!

7. This is Divan law, to wit: To regulate the affairs of angels and mortals, for their ultimate resurrection; to lay the foundation for harmony in community; to gather together the inharmonious, and put them in tune.

8. But this is not Divan law: To provide the earth with life, or to hold it in its place; to build the place of the higher or lower heavens; to provide corpor or to provide es; these things are by the Ever Personal Presence, the Creator, and shaped and molded by His hand through the Chiefs of the higher heavens.

9. This is Divan law: To bring together in marriage wisely for the child's sake, and for the joy of all.

10. But this is not Divan law: To give desire to marriage, or desire for marriage; these are from the All Person, the Master Light.

11. This is Divan law: When a man walketh along, to take him by the hand and bend him to the right or left.

12. But this is not Divan law: For the man to go forth; this he doeth by the Ever Presence, Jehovih, the Ormazd.

13. A carpenter buildeth a house, but he built not the logs nor the stone. The Diva buildeth kingdoms in heaven and kingdoms on earth, and shapeth them for usefulness and beauty; and when they are old and out of sorts, the Diva abandoneth them, and they fall to pieces. Nevertheless, Ormazd provided and provideth the wherewithal for the whole.

14. Div decreed: This also shall ye promulgate in heaven and earth, lest angels and mortals worship Div and Diva. For though the Diva appoint mortal kings, yet mortals shall not worship Div (Divinity).

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