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Chapter II

1. GOD said: Be attentive, O man, to the voice of thy Lord and his angels; be patient, that thou mayest understand the dominion of thy God, and add glory unto the Almighty.

2. The Div was the chief, and the Lords and their officers comprised the Divan Congress, of the period of time whereof this book pertaineth.

3. And such mortals of that day, who joined in the armies of God, were represented by the voice of guardian angels through their Lord, according to the nation or place represented.

4. And the ashars reported to their Lord, as to the conditions and places of mortals, and as to the conditions and places of angels also, and the Lords spake thereon in the Diva.

5. And the Div decreed laws and governments, unto mortals and angels, according to what was best for them.

6. Jehovih said: I am the Light and the Life; behold Me, I am Ormazd. When I shape My thoughts into words, behold, I am I'hua'Mazda; I am the word. When the words of My kingdom are registered with mortals, behold Me; I am the Zarathustrian law. I am three in one.

7. Even so have I given unto thee, O Div, and to My angels and My mortals; for ye three shall be a unit in the furtherance of My kingdoms.

8. Behold, your labors shall be henceforth called Divinity (Divan). And whoso falleth under your inspiration shall be called Divine (Divas).

9. God said: Consider, O man, the wisdom of thy God, to perceive what is feasible to thine own judgment, and be thou far-reaching with thine own members.

10. The Div decreed: To carry birth rites down to mortals; to teach mortals when their children were born to consecrate them to Diva, under a rod with water, after the same manner es'yans were baptized in heaven. With rites and ceremonies, and words, according to the Zarathustrian law, the I'hua'Mazdian law, the Ormazdian law.

11. God said: In the time of the baptismal of mortal children, behold, my Lords appointed ashars unto such children, to keep them in the way of the Almighty.

12. This was the first Divan (Divine) law.

13. The Div decreed: To establish wedding rites and ceremonies with words and processions, in order to bind firmly monogamic marriages, according to the Zarathustrian law, the I'hua'Mazdian law, the Ormazdian law.

14. God said: In the time of marriages, behold, my Lords appointed new ashars unto man and wife, whose duties were to minister unto them as unto a small kingdom, for the glory of Jehovih.

15. This was the second Divan (Divine) law.

16. The Div decreed: To establish funeral rites and ceremonies, with words, according to the Diva, that is, the Zarathustrian, the I'hua'Mazdian, and the Ormazdian law.

17. This was the third Divan law.

18. God said: In the birth rites; in the marriage rites, and in the funeral rites, recording angels of the Lord were present; and afterward, they reported these things to my kingdom in heaven.

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19. And all such mortals as carried out these rites and ceremonies, with words, were named Zarathustrians. Nevertheless there were many others, who, not being capable of the inspiration, stood aloof from me and my kingdoms.

20. Jehovih said: I blame not My God and My Lords that their love ran more to the favor of such mortals as became Zarathustrians, than to such as rejected God and his Lords. Neither do I censure God and His Lords for favoring their chosen in building cities, nations and empires, leaving such other mortals as were enemies to perish in their cities, kingdoms and nations.

21. God said: Ye who are one with the Divine law, are free from the law; but they that reject me and my kingdom are bound by the law.

22. Of the first three Divine laws, God said: These are the sacred words decreed to mortals: By father or mother: I bestow this, my child, to be a good Zarathustrian, according to the Diva. And in marriage: By the Bride and Bridegroom: I bestow myself to this my mate, a good Zarathustrian, according to the Diva. And in sacrament previous to death: I confess, with repentance, I a good Zarathustrian, unto Thee, O Ormazd; and to Thy Lords of the heavenly hosts of Diva.

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