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Chapter XXIII

1. ZARATHUSTRA, the All Pure, inquired concerning protection against imposters. To which I'hua'Mazda answered, saying: Prove all things on the altar. If a man come before the people saying: Behold, I am a prophet! and he teach strange doctrines, he shall be tied on the wheel with his face toward the sun at high noon. And if he be a true prophet, the spirits who dwell by the altar will set him free. But, if he be not released on the third night, the wheel shall be carried out into the forest and stood up by the bushes. And if he be an imposter the wild beasts will come and devour his flesh.

2. Zarathustra inquired concerning the wheel afterward. I'hua'Mazda said: When an imposter hath perished on the wheel, behold, the wheel shall be no longer used as before. But the disciples shall cut away the rim of the wheel, and cast it away, for it is useless. But the cross-bars of the centre of the wheel shall be retained, for it was on the bars that he was bound, and the cross of the bars is sacred; and it shall be hung in the place of worship, for it is a true cross.

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