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Chapter IV

1. SO God established colonies in heaven for the reception of the spirits of mortals; and the colonies embraced the arts of healing, education, industry, drapery, manufactories, the building of ships, and all things required for the spirit, even as corporeal things are required by mortals.

2. And great labor came upon the hosts of God who founded these things, toiling day and night, receiving the es'yans and providing for them food and clothing. And many of the hosts of God lamented that they had come to the corporeal earth, and they framed songs and anthems of lamentation, and these they chanted even whilst at labor.

3. God was troubled that they should thus lament in the presence of the es'yans, and he called together the proper officers that he might rebuke them; but lo and behold, the light of Jehovih spake from the throne saying:

4. Rebuke them not, O My son. Did I not command them, saying: Behold I have created a new world; come ye and enjoy it, even the earth. And when they had come, said I not to them: Enjoy ye all the fruits of the earth, save the fruit of the tree of life, lest ye die. But corpor spake to them and they believed in corpor. Wherefore then shall they not lament? Do they not remember their former homes in etherea, and thus aspire to regain them?

5. But seek thou, O my Son, to make their lamentations a glory in the souls of the es'yans, that they may also aspire to a higher heaven.

6. The voice departed, and God perceiving the wisdom of Jehovih, commanded certain officers to collect many of the anthems and deposit them in the library of Hored, in heaven, and it was so done.

7. This, then, is after the manner of their lamentations, to wit:

8. Where is my home, O Jehovih! When I was happy and my feet wandered.

9. I dwelt with Thy hosts, afar! afar! Thy glory shining.

10. O the songs in Thy upraised kingdoms! when shall I rejoice in the music of my own house?

11. O those sparkling, running waters? O the pastimes and feasts of love!

12. Where is it, O Jehovih? It was my home in high heaven!

13. I fell, I fell in darkness! Wandering soul within me, that ledest me forth.

14. The gardens of Jehovih stood on every hand. O senseless feet to take me onward!

15. Into the darkness was I lured; sweet perfumes rose amidst the darkness.

16. Intricate in Thy glory, O Jehovih! I lost the way. I was lost!

17. The music of Thy spheres was shut out. I was environed in darkness!

18. Where is my home, O Jehovih? Why have I forsaken it?

19. Crystals, and high arches on every hand. Full, standing out, shining.

20. And the songs of my sweet loves! Such was my home and place of revelry!

21. I bartered them all away, wandering forth. Buried me in the opaque, in the dark!

22. O for my home in high heaven! Mirth, song, rest, and love, clear shining.

23. Thou, O Jehovih, hast given me sons and daughters. Out of this darkness my gems were born!

24. O I will polish them up. Kin of my kin, I will raise them up!

25. Thy Goddesses in heaven above will come. In ships of fire descending!

26. My jewels shall enter and rise with me. We shall search for my home; the haven of rest!

27. I see Thee, O Jehovih, afar off. Higher than the highest of heavens!

28. O hasten, my home, and my rest! O ripen these, my precious diadems!

29. O take us to ethereal worlds.

30. But no one could repeat their numerous lamentations, for there were hundreds of thousands of them. And p. 22 as the ethereans sang them, the es'yans, the new born, the atmosphereans, listened, longing listened, and looked upward.

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