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Chapter XXII

1. I'HUA'MAZDA called together those who swore allegiance to the Zarathustrian law; and he separated them from the others, and there were in ten days thirty thousand professed followers.

2. Nevertheless, I'hua'Mazda spake to Zarathustra, saying: Of all these, only one in ten will remain long in faith. And to establish the tenth firmly is more valuable than to have ten times as many who understand not what they profess. Zarathustra asked: How can a tenth be made firm?

3. I'hua'Mazda said: Long ago I told thee to go and live with the I'hins. Zarathustra said: I understand. I learned the Wheel of Ormazd from the I'hins. Then said I'hua'Mazda: Make thou a Wheel of Ormazd.

4. Zarathustra made a wheel, and hung it slanting, facing the sun at high noon. Then I'hua'Mazda explained to the people, saying: This is a symbol of the name of the Creator, Ormazd, the All Light Master! Put it in the place betwixt the horns of the crescent, for it is sacred; it is the Sign of the Altar; it is called the Altar. Let the Faithists go with me, and I will explain.

5. They carried it to the meeting-place and faced it in the same direction. And when the people stood in a circle around it, I'hua'Mazda said: The name of this place shall be Harel, and the name of the wheel shall be Altar. Behold, then, ye have already p. 227b sworn an oath under the thigh, in the custom of your forefathers, but ye shall now renew your oath on the Altar of Ormazd, and His Holy Book.

6. I'hua'Mazda then administered the oath unto many, wherein they covenanted to turn from evil and strive to do good; and each and every one turned the wheel once round, as a witness before the Father. When they had all covenanted, I'hua'Mazda said: Ye shall make many wheels, and carry them along the roadways, and wherever one road crosseth another ye shall fix an Altar; and ye shall dedicate the wheel to the Creator.

7. And whoever passeth that way afterward shall halt and remember his Creator; and he shall renew his covenant, to turn from evil and strive to do good; and in testimony before the Father, he shall turn the wheel once round.

8. Thus was established the sacred wheel of Zarathustra amongst the I'huan race.

9. I'hua'Mazda spake to Zarathustra, saying: What is the most potent thing? Zarathustra said: The eye is the most potent. The eye is most to be feared; the most desirable. The eye of man can go away from man; his hand cannot go away from him, nor his foot. Man's eye can go to the mountains; to the clouds, the moon, the sun and the stars.

10. I'hua'Mazda said: If the eye of man is his most potent instrument, what then? So, Zarathustra made a picture of an eye, and placed it over the altar. Whereupon I'hua'Mazda made the people covenant anew, but this time to the I'hua'Mazdian law, the Ormazdian law. Whereupon they said: I know Thine eye is upon me night and day; nothing is hidden from Thy sight, O Ormazd!

11. And I'hua'Mazda commanded them to place a picture of an eye over the altars in all places of worship.

12. Then came the first night of the new moon, and Zarathustra went into the place of worship; and a great multitude also came in. So I'hua'Mazda said: This is mas night for the spirits of the dead. That the widow, Hi'ti'us, may have joy this night, I will sing and pray for the spirit of the king. And, afterward, for all spirits who are in darkness.

p. 228b

13. When they sang and prayed, the spirit of the king came in sar'gis, and talked to Hi'ti'us, and to others. And, after that, the spirit of the king prayed and sang with I'hua'Mazda. Thus was established the first night of the new moon as moon's night (mass) for the spirits of the dead, and it was demonstrated before the living.

14. I'hua'Mazda taught through Zarathustra for forty days and nights; teaching the Zarathustrian law, the Ormazdian law. And thousands and thousands of people were converted unto righteousness; and these were called disciples (ga'spe Zarathustra) of Zarathustra.

15. Zarathustra inquired of I'hua'Mazda what was the best, most potent thing for the generations of men. Then answered I'hua'Mazda, saying: The best, most potent thing for the generations of men is to teach the very young child the ever presence of the All Potent Eye, which sees into the body of mortals, into the behavior of mortals, and into the soul.

16. Zarathustra inquired concerning very young children. Then I'hua'Mazda answered, saying: In three days and five days and seven days the rite of circumcision for the males, and piercing the ears for the females. And, when they are old enough, they shall be consecrated on the wheel.

17. Zarathustra said: To consecrate, what is that? Then answered I'hua'Mazda: To profess the All Highest, the Creator, Ormazd. And from that time forth the young child shall pray to Ormazd every night before going to sleep, and pray every morning as soon as awake to Ormazd, renewing its covenant and acknowledging the presence of the All Potent Eye.

18. Zarathustra inquired concerning children who were not thus provided. I'hua'Mazda answered, saying: Such children may live, or they may die. If they die, they fall into the care of the drujas and become drujas themselves; but if they live, they will grow up liars and druks, killing and stealing.

19. Zarathustra inquired concerning a consecrated child, if it die? Then I'hua'Mazda answered: If a consecrated child die, its soul is received in heaven by the consecrated spirits of Ormazd. It is then taken to a place of all good, a place of delight.

20. When these things were explained to the disciples, the mothers p. 229b brought their children before Zarathustra; and I'hua'Mazda consecrated them on the altar, and they were baptized with water and fire, and given names by the rab'bah.

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