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Chapter XXI

1. ON the next day Zarathustra appeared before the multitude, and I'hua'Mazda spake through him, saying:

2. I came not in an age of darkness, but of light and knowledge. I am not here to proclaim miracles; I serve the Father, whose Son I am.

3. In heaven above there are two kinds of spirits; those who serve the earth and those who serve the Father. If ye serve the earth ye shall be ministered unto by the spirits of the lower heavens, who are bound to the earth. If ye serve the Father, ye are ministered unto by the spirits of the higher heavens.

4. Because ye were united in prayer last night to the Father, His holy angels brought ye food. His harvests are over all the earth; His fields are broad. It is not just that He also gather it and bring it to you. To be just to Him, go ye and bring forth out of the fat earth wherewith all ye need, rejoicing in Him. Cease warring; kill not anything He created alive, that runs on the ground or flies in the air. And no flesh save fish, which is without blood, and is cold in life, shall enter your mouths.

5. In the morning, when ye first awake, pray to the Creator, Ormazd, praying after this manner: Glory be to Thee, Thou All Light! Because Thou hast created me alive; I will strive with all my might to be upright before Thee; I have faith Thou createdst me wisely; and I know Thou wilt show me the right way.

6. Make my eyes sharper to see into my own soul than into all else in the world, I will discover its dark spots and wash them clean. Seal Thou up my eyes from the sins of others, but magnify their goodness unto me, that I may be ashamed of my unworthiness before Thee.

7. This day will I run quickly to the distressed and helpless, and give them joy by some deed or word. Seal up my tongue against slandering any man, or woman, or child, for they are of Thy creation, and of Thine Own handiwork.

8. What Thou feedest me with, sufficient is it for the day thereof; complaint shall not escape from my mouth. Quicken me all day, O Ormazd, with this, my prayer, that I p. 226b may become a glory in Thy works. Amen!

9. I'hua'Mazda said: Touching prayer, remember, that to utter words, but to practice not, is of little value. He that is true to his own light is strong in soul; to be false to one's own light is to put out the eyes and stop up the ears. He that would rise in heaven, let him begin to rise on earth. The resurrection lieth in following the All Highest Light one already hath. He that doeth not this, is a fool to ask the Father to raise him up. Hell fire is his boundary in the next world.

10. Because Ormazd sacrificed Himself, He created all things. By sacrifice for the elevation of others doth a man begin at the beginning of approaching Ormazd. This is resurrection, in fact.

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