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Chapter XIV

1. ASHA, KING OF OAS, the City of the Sun, KING OF THE SUN, ruler over the whole corporeal world, owner and possessor of all mortals, men, women and children, COMMANDER OF ALL FLESH, descended from the SUN GODS thousands of years, and whose forefathers were the fathers of all living creatures, HIGHEST OF MEN, and by whose good grace the inhabitants of the earth are permitted to live, and whose decrees are the standard of all things, MAKER OF JUSTICE and MAKER OF TRUTH, and whom none dare question, and on whose word the sun and moon and stars bow down, greeting:

2. To the kings and queens of the east and west and north and south, over all the cities in the world, rulers in the temples of the stars (observatories), slayers of dragons, and slayers of lions, and slayers of tigers, and of men and of women and of children and serpents, honored in the golgothas, and by millions of cowering slaves, owners of thousands of wives, and whose boats sail in lakes of mortal p. 205b blood, and whose crowns are honored by ten thousand men slain every year, sworn on the flesh of the thigh, whose words are life and death; and most obedient to the SUN KING, I command:

3. First, that there is an Ormazd, Creator, Person! Whose Soul is in all the world, and in all things in the firmament above; Who is Father; Who is the Light of light, Creator of darkness and men, Who is forever The Going Forth; Who is Cause of causes; larger than all things seen and unseen; the Power of all power.

4. Second, I'hua'Mazda, His Only Begotten Son, born of the Virgin Mi (the Substance Seen). Pure and All Holy; Master of Men; Person of Word; Essence of Ormazd revealed in Word; SAVIOR OF MEN; Holder of the keys of heaven; through WHOSE GOOD GRACE ONLY the souls of men can rise to Nirvana, the HIGH HEAVEN:

5. Third, Zarathustra, A man, All Pure, conceived by a Virgin, and born wise, being one with I'hua'Mazda, who is one with Ormazd. Of Whom the word saith: Doeth He without miracle. THE RAISING OF THE DEAD; HEALING THE SICK BY THE LAYING ON OF HANDS; WHOSE WORD OF COMMAND BRINGETH FORTH RIPE WHEAT, FULL GROWN, IN A DAY; and doing all things that the ancients accredited to the Gods as miracles, but which the Ormazdian law showeth to be NATURAL LAW TO ANY ONE WHO IS ALL PURE, and who draweth power from Ormazd, the Creator, and His holy angels.

6. Fourth, A Book, holy and sacred, revealed by I'hua'Mazda to Zarathustra, the All Pure; and written on stone and cloth, revealing All Wisdom, which is styled, the Ormazdian law, the I'hua'Mazdian law, the Zarathustrian law, which is the All Highest Law in All the world, approved by ASHA, I, THE KING OF KINGS!

7. Fifth, by ten thousand learned scribes in my command, written a copy of The Holy Book, and herewith sent with commands by the KING OF THE SUN! That this book shall be the All Highest law in all my sub-kingdoms, and that all my kings shall believe it and command the same of their slaves. Nor shall any man stand up against this, my decree, and live; nor shall any man alter one word or sign in this Holy Book; nor disbelieve one word it containeth.

8. And my kings and sub-kings; and my queens and sub-queens, shall obey p. 206b all the commandments, even as I obey them; nor shall any man, or woman, or child, question these things, as to whether they be the All Highest, or whether there be error in whatsoever cometh from my hand; for by my decree they are made All Truth!

9. For I was raised up to the High Estate by Ormazd, for this purpose; and not one in the whole world hath power like unto me.

10. And ye, to whom these holy words come, shall make oath on a serpent and a sword to obey these, my commandments, now and forever.

11. Thus did Asha send officers to carry the books he had made to the kings and queens in the east and west and north and south; and they that he sent were men of great learning, and of the highest caste; and they took with them serpents and swords, and gave them as commanded, exacting an oath from all who received them.

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