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Chapter XI

1. By this authority then, I, Zarathustra, by the power of I'hua'Mazda, reveal the created creations.

p. 194b

2. Ormazd created a good creation. First, the land and water and firm things; out of the unseen and void created He them. Second, the lights, heavenly; and the heat and the cold everywhere. Third, all living animals, and fish and birds. Fourth, man and woman.

3. Then spake Ormazd through His Son, Vivinho, saying: Speech! Voice! Words! and man and woman were the only talking animals created in all the created world.

4. Ormazd then created death, Anra'mainyus; with seven heads created He him. First vanity (uk), then tattling (owow), then worthlessness (hoe'zee), then lying (ugs'ga), then incurable wickedness (hiss'ce), then evil inventions for evil (bowh-hiss), then king and leader (daevas).

5. Ormazd then created association (clans) by words bringing men together, Haroyu.

6. Ormazd then created habitations (oke'a). And then He created dwelling-places for the Gods, with four good corners and four evil corners, created He them, Varena.

7. And Ormazd created sustenance for the living and the dead, haoma. Then He created the boon of rest, for the weary, haraquaiti. After that he created sweet-smelling and rich-growing pastures, Urva.

8. And Ormazd created combination, which is strength, chakhra. Then power to receive knowledge, haden'amazd.

9. Ormazd then created the holy day (rak). Then He made the four signs of the moon, Uk'git, E'git, Ki'git and M'git, for all holiness.

10. And He said: Six days shalt thou labor, O man; and worship on the seventh, because they are the moon's times.

11. Then Ormazd, the Creator, created the power to live without kings; like the I'hins in the east, and the name of this power He created was Ranha.

12. Then spake I'hua'Mazda to Zarathustra, the All Pure, saying: To attain to Ranha; how to attain to Ranha; this, then, is the holy Mazdian law:

13. Ormazd shall be King, and thou shalt acknowledge no other. He shall be thy All Highest love forever, and above all other loves.

14. Thou shalt disown all other p. 195b rulers, and kings, and queens, and Lords, and Gods.

15. Thou shalt not bow down in reverence save to Ormazd, thy Creator.

16. Thou shalt covenant thyself to thy Creator every day, and teach thy children to do so also.

17. Thou shalt keep holy the four moon days, for they are the change of watch of the Gods and angels over them.

18. Thou shalt not kill what thy Creator created alive.

19. Thou shalt love thy father next to thy Creator, and obey his voice, and honor thy mother, because she brought thee forth by the will of thy Creator.

20. Thou shalt not suffer thy desires to lead thee after woman.

21. Thou shalt not take that which is another's.

22. Thou shalt not be vain, for nothing is thine.

23. Thou shalt not speak untruth.

24. Thou shalt not talk of thy neighbor behind his back, for Ormazd heareth thee, and the angels will go tell thy neighbor's soul what thou hast said.

25. Thou shalt not be idle or lazy, or thy flesh will become weak and bear down thy soul.

26. Thou shalt not envy, nor harbor hatred against any man nor woman nor child.

27. Thou shalt not reprove any man nor woman for their evil, for they are the Creator's.

28. Thou shalt reprove thine own child, and teach him the right way.

29. Thou shalt not lie with thy wife during pregnancy.

30. Thou shalt not take to wife any of thy kin, save beyond the fifth generation.

31. Thou shalt not take to wife a woman of unclean habits.

32. Thou shalt not commit the self-habit.

33. Thou shalt not desire of thy neighbor more than thou wouldst give.

34. Thou shalt fast one day of the fourth moon all thy life, neither eating fish nor flesh, nor bread nor fruit; nor anything but water shall enter thy mouth.

35. One whole year of thy life thou shalt dwell with the poor, live with the poor, sleep with the poor, begging for alms for the poor.

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