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Chapter VIII

1. THESE, then, are the Zarathustrian laws; the I'hua'Mazdian laws; which, being interpreted into the English language, should be described as GOD'S WORD, transcribed from the libraries of heaven by the will of Jehovih!

2. That is to say:

3. Zarathustra said: Interpret to me, O Holy One.

4. I'hua'Mazda said: O Pure One, All Pure! Hear thou. I will interpret; write thou.

5. Zarathustra wrote. Then spake I'hua'Mazda to Zarathustra, the All Pure!

6. First, Ormazd was, and He created all created things. He was All; He is All. He was All Round, and put forth hands and wings. Then began the beginning of things seen, and of things unseen.

7. The first best highest place He created was the All Possibility. And the second best highest place He created was the All Good. With Him are all things Possible. With Him are all things Good.

8. Ormazd then created the first best of places, the longest enduring, the Airyana-vaja (etherea), the highest of good creation.

9. The third best created places created Ormazd, which was Haraiti, a high heavenly good place, a Home of Fragapatti, a Creator Son of the heavenly Airyana-vaja, a rescuer of men and spirits from Anra'mainyus, the evil of blood and bone.

10. The fourth best created places created Ormazd, the Creator, which was Gau, the dwelling-place of Sooghda, of heavenly shape and straight limbs and arms, and ample chest, full of music.

11. Out of Mouru, of the regions of Haraiti, came the Voice, created by the Creator Ormazd; came to I'hua-Mazda; and now cometh to thee, Zarathustra, thou All Pure.

p. 190b

12. Fifth best place created the Creator, the Bakhdhi, with lofty standards.

13. Then came Anra'mainyus, the Black Doubt, the Sa-gwan, sowing seeds.

14. After that, the Creator created Tee-Sughi, the reason of man, and turned his eyes inward, that he could see his own soul.

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