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Chapter II

1. WHEN the hour was ended, God again ascended the throne, and the marshals raised the signals of order, and the archangels went and stood in a crescent in front of the throne. Etisyai sat at the feet of God, and the splendor of her glory, unadorned, save with white and yellow drapery, shone through all the talents Jehovih had given her--the perfection of purity, wisdom, and love--the like of which only Gods had looked on!

2. God said: In Thy name, O Jehovih, do I now found the session of Thy kingdom in the lower heaven. As long as man and woman shall bring forth heirs unto Thee, this kingdom shall not cease to glorify Thee. Let the Lords approach the throne.

3. The es'enaurs now sang, and in the meantime the marshals and escorts conducted the Lords before the throne. When they were in order, the music ceased, and God said:

4. Five great divisions of the earth there are, and I have ordained ye the five Lords thereof in Jehovih's name. According to the number of inhabitants on the earth's divisions, and your relative rank before heaven have I placed you. When ye have seated yourselves in your respective kingdoms, ye shall have each twelve messengers, whose duties shall be betwixt ye and me. Choose ye, therefore, your messengers, even this hour, that ere the resurrection of the archangels they may be confirmed and their registry borne to heaven above.

5. The Lords chose their messengers, and they were confirmed in the name of Jehovih, and the swift messengers, who ply with the upper heavens, made a record of their names and places. Thereupon God said to them:

6. According to your talents have you been chosen; according to your excellence will ye be promoted to wider fields of labor. May the wisdom. love and power of Jehovih be with you all, amen!

7. And now Etisyai signified that her time of departure had arrived.

8. God came down from the judgment seat, and standing one moment in sorrow, reached forth and took Etisyai's hand, saying:

9. Arise, O Daughter of Jehovih, and go thy way!

10. Etisyai rose up, pointing upward, said: My house is in the arc of Wan. Jehovih dwelleth with thee and me! My swift messengers shall come to thee at times. My love will abide with thee and thy Lords, and the harvest of thy resurrection. In Jehovih's name, farewell!

11. Etisyai then walked to the ship of fire; but ere she entered, she turned and took one more look at the hosts of Hored, and, then stripping from the frames, luminous drapery, cast it playfully over the es'enaurs, and quickly disappeared in the light.

12. The es'enaurs chanted, and the hosts of archangels joined in with them, and in that same moment of time the ship began to rise, and it was as thousands of columns of fire surrounding one majestic column, and the whole circle rising in spiral form, turning and rising, rising and turning. And when it was a little way up it seemed like an ascending sun; and then higher and higher, like a far-off star, and then it passed beyond the vision of the angels of Hored.

13. When order was proclaimed, the All Light began to gather around about the throne, covering over God and the Lords. Jehovih, through God, said:

14. Hear ye, for I abide also with these My Lords of the hosts of heaven.

15. The Lords said: What shall we do? And Jehovih answered: Summon all the angels to pass before the throne p. 18 of God, one by one, that I may judge them. For as many as dwelt on any of My corporeal worlds of the fifth of the second rate shall abide in the kingdom of Hored, and their labor shall be with es'yans only; but all of the full of the first rate shall abide in the kingdoms of My Lords, and their labor shall be with corporeans.

16. The marshals then arranged the angels and they passed in front of the throne, and so great was God's wisdom that, in looking on the angels as they passed, he perceived the rates of every man and woman. And those destined for labor in atmospherea only, he caused to turn one way, and those for the earth, as ministering spirits with mortals, to turn the other way; and when they had all passed, they were correctly divided according to Jehovih's commandment.

17. God said: Hear me, O ye Lords! Take your laborers and repair to your respective places on the divisions of the earth, and the waters of the earth. And ye shall be Lords with me, your God, for the glory of Jehovih. Whatsoever ye do on the earth will I ratify in heaven; whomsoever ye deliver from the earth will I receive in heaven. As ye shape and build up mortal man, delivering his spirit into my kingdom, so will I receive him and award him.

18. That your kingdoms may accord with me and Mine, I give you messengers sufficient, and they shall pass daily betwixt us: According to their proficiency and power to pass from place to place, so have I chosen them.

19. Let a record be kept within your own kingdoms, and these records shall be your own, to be carried upward with you in the next resurrection.

20. And yet, ye shall have a record jointly with me, separate from your own record, pertaining to your kingdom's relations with mine.

21. When mortals die and are born in spirit, ye shall receive them and enter them in your records as es'yans, signifying new born in heaven. And for these es'yans ye shall provide temporary abodes, where they shall tarry, some for a few days, and some for the space of one year or more. Of their numbers and conditions ye shall inform me, through the messengers, and I will send ships to bring them to My kingdom.

22. Ye shall appoint asaphs, whose office it shall be to receive es'yans from the ashars.

23. Whilst a mortal is alive on the earth, the ashars shall abide with him, guarding him in the name of the Lord, and in My name. But when he dieth the ashar shall deliver the es'yan to the asaph, saying: In Jehovih's name receive thou this new born spirit. He was My protege; for the good or evil in him, charge thou to Me. And the ashar shall deliver up a record of the mortal life of the es'yan, and the record shall be kept within your own kingdoms.

24. And the asaph shall take the es'yan, saying: In Jehovih's name, receive I this new born spirit. He shall be my protege according to the commandments of the Lord my God. He shall then take the es'yan to the place to receive it, where it will have nurses and attendants according to its requirements.

25. When ships come to your kingdoms, the asaphs shall deliver all the es'yans they have received, and My officer shall receive them, and bring them to My place in heaven.

26. When God had ended the instructions to the Lords, the Lords answered, saying: We will be thy Lords, O God, doing thy commandments, for the glory of Jehovih, our Father.

27. God said: To each of you have I given a great division of the earth, and each division shall be named after you, each in its place.

28. This, then, was the rank assigned: Whaga (Pan); Jud (Asia); Thouri (America); Vohu (Africa); and Dis (Europe). And the lands were called after the names of the Lords and so entered in the books of heaven in Hored, by command of God in the name of Jehovih.

29. And the record of the Great Serpent showed the firmament of Tem'yi in the third circuit of c'vork'um and dan'ha twenty-four. 2

30. When all was finished the Lords went and sat down at the foot of the throne, and the es'enaurs chanted a hymn of praise to Jehovih and the entire multitude jointed therein.

31. When the hymn was ended, God rose up, standing amidst a sea of light, and raising up both hands, said: O Jehovih! Almighty and everlasting! Help Thy servants in founding this Thy Kingdom for Thy glory! Peace, Wisdom and Power!

32. Then making the sign of Jehovih's name with his right hand, he came down to the foot of the throne, and taking the hand of Whaga: Lord of Whaga, he said: Arise, my son, and go thy way; and Jehovih will bless thee.

33. Whaga rose up and stood aside, and then in like manner God raised the other four Lords and they stood aside also.

p. 19

34. The marshals filed past the throne saluting, and after them the Lords, saluting also; and after them came the asaphs, and lastly the ashars; and the procession was under way, passing off between the pillars of fire with which God's laborers had ornamented Hored around about.

35. This was the beginning of the first kingdom in the lower heaven, and the first of the reign of the Lords on earth.


18:2 This would make the age of the earth at that time, 9,470,500 years.

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